How to Give Your Baby Shower Some Latin Flair

How to Give Your Baby Shower Some Latin Flair

Get some ideas on how to throw a baby shower, celebrating all things Latino!

If I tried to count the number of baby showers I’ve organized since getting married, I’d run out of fingers. We’ve had women-only, co-ed, and family showers with babies and grandparents.

Not all have been themed affairs, and for some, we didn’t even know the sex of the baby. But judging by how long they lasted, I’d say they were each a roaring success. However, the one that was the most fun was hosted at my house for mi amiga Mexicana and her Peruvian husband. Allow me to share the details of this Latino-style baby shower, and hopefully my ideas will provide you some inspiration: 

The Theme
The entire shower was centered on the idea of names for the baby. My friend hadn’t wanted to find out the sex of the baby, so we played various bilingual games to include all who were invited. 

The Food
La comida was a mix of appetizers from various countries, including some of the future parents’ favorites:

  • Guacamole and tortilla chips
  • Small arepas (corn cakes)
  • Spanish tapas with dried meats
  • Peruvian-style fried yucca (root vegetable)
  • Individual cups of suspiros limeños (a Peruvian lime custard)
  • Dulce de leche

The Music
There was so much happiness throughout the party that you almost didn’t notice the music. But since a Latin fiesta without dancing isn’t truly a fiesta, we created a playlist with popular Spanish songs from the future mother’s childhood. The poor thing ended up with sore feet, but I believe that’s why the baby came out so happy – from all his mama’s dancing that lasted well into the night!

The Games and Décor
To get our guests involved, we incorporated an interactive and popular American shower game: the Diaper Dash. Simply divide your guests into two teams, give each team a roll of Charmin toilet paper and say, “Go!” The first team to create a “diaper” on one of their teammates wins!

Our festive and colorful décor was accented by a large armchair in the center of the room – thoughtfully dressed up for the honorary mama with streamers and bows. And amongst the Pinterest-worthy dessert table was the star of our tablescape – the homemade diaper cake as a parting gift for the parents-to-be. Here’s how you can make your own:

  1. Select diapers with a fun design, like Luvs or Pampers
  2. Starting at the “open” top end, roll up one diaper and secure with a small rubber band. Repeat with 7 more diapers
  3. Assemble all rolled diapers into a circle, securing with a large rubber band. These will make up the top tier
  4. Roll up 15 more diapers, securing with a large rubber band. This will be the middle tier
  5. Roll up 30 more diapers, securing with a large rubber band. This will be the base tier
  6. Carefully insert two empty Bounty paper towel rolls through the base layer. Then, stack the other two assembled layers on top, making sure the paper towel rolls go between the diapers
  7. Decorate with ribbon, baby items and other accessories as desired

Planning Tips:

  • If you’re in charge of planning the shower, make sure all the details revolve around the new parents. Get inspired by their cultures, interests and any information they’ve shared about their baby – the sex, colors of the nursery or the name.
  • Allow the guests to share their advice on raising kids and to tell funny stories about their experiences from when they became parents.
  • Before the festivities begin, ask a few guests if they can take some pictures on their smartphones. Or better yet, consider hiring a professional photographer to document the happy memories!

What are some of your favorite memories from a Latin-inspired baby shower? Let us know in the comments below.

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