Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom Friends

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom Friends

Plan a fun celebration with your mom friends this Mother’s Day.

By: Nancy Flanders

Mother’s Day is a day to feel appreciated. It’s a great feeling to get cute cards and thoughtful gifts from your kids or breakfast in bed (if you’re really lucky).

While it’s always wonderful to celebrate with your family, change things up this year and spend part of the day with your mom friends. Get everyone together and appreciate each other and take some time away from dishes, laundry and your kids.

Here are eight fun ideas to try.

1. Shop
Compared to shopping with bored, unruly kids in tow, shopping with friends can be a relaxing and fun activity.

You can try clothes on without having to keep an eye on anyone, and you won’t make someone cry by telling them they can’t have a toy in storefront windows. You’ll score better deals and actually enjoy the experience when you gather up your girlfriends and treat yourselves. You all deserve it.

2. Hit the Spa
Spend the day getting pampered. Spas are known for having special Mother’s Day menus, so treat yourself. It’s your day, so get a pedicure, facial, a massage, a mud bath — or all of the above!

Going with friends will make the day more fun, and you’ll be psyched to take a shower without your family banging on the door.


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3. Visit the Great Outdoors
Being in nature is a great way to relax. The fresh air and beautiful scenery can help you and your fellow moms decompress.

You’ll end up heading back to your families with a renewed outlook, ready to take on the challenges of the week ahead. Plus, taking a hike — no matter how rugged the terrain — is great exercise.

4. Have an Adventure
Plan an amazing adventure for your group. Want to go whitewater rafting? Skydiving? Or maybe rock climbing or surfing? Now’s your chance. Decide on an adventure you’re all interested in and go have the time of your lives.

5. Run a 5K
Find a 5K walk or run in your area and use your time to get in some rejuvenating exercise. Many 5Ks are fundraisers for deserving charities, so you can spend quality time with your friends, enjoy some fresh air and fitness, and feel great about raising money for cause all at the same time. You will, of course, need to get an OK from your doctor before going out and taking on such a task.

6. See a Show
Have you been dying to see a specific musical, play or concert but just can’t get your kids or spouse to go for it? Mother’s Day provides you with the perfect opportunity to check it out with your friends while you let your mate, relative or sitter take care of the kids at home.

7. Local Festivals
May is filled with plenty of local events that promise a good time. From restaurant weeks to garden fests to home shows, there’s likely to be plenty of fun fairs in your area to visit. Afterward, you can all have a nice lunch or dinner together.

8. Take a Class
Check out the local community college or learning center to see if there’s a class you can take together. From cooking to crafts and self-defense to belly dancing, you’ll be surprised how much there is to learn — and how much fun taking a class with your friends can be! On top of that, you might find a great way to have scheduled time with girlfriends every week or month.

Mother’s Day is for moms. Spending it with your mom friends is a great way to unwind and be an even better mom when you return home to your family.

Nancy Flanders is a part-time writer and a full-time mom to three little girls. Her days are filled with picking pink lint out of the dryer vent, helping children in and out of dress up clothes, and making sure treatment times are fun for her daughter with cystic fibrosis. Nancy is managing editor for ParentingSquad.com, and contributes to several sites and publications including LiveAction.org, KrazyCouponLady.com, Catholic Digest, and regional parenting publications. She writes about life at ChronicAdmssions.com.

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