Make a positive impact in and out of the workplace.

What’s Next for Corporate Social Responsibility? People Like You

How to make a positive impact both in and out of the workplace.

We all want change. From creating socially inclusive workplaces to finding ways to transform outdated institutions, the new generation of job seekers is on the fast track toward showing today’s corporations how to embrace and accelerate that change.

For many, a widening wealth gap, corporate monopolies and shortcomings in education and healthcare are making corporate social responsibility an increasingly important part of today’s society. With a strong belief in community and technology, you can help your company overcome some of today’s most pressing issues.

If you’d like to help reshape corporate social responsibility and be a driving force toward developing change both in and out of the workplace, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Find a Company on a Mission
If you yearn to do more than just the occasional service project or volunteer job, you could consider seeking employment with a company that has a purpose-driven mission or offers ample opportunities to give back to your community.

Companies like City Harvest and FoodCorps in New York City have employees who connect both adults and children with opportunities to obtain healthy food. On a more global scale, retail businesses like Toms and Warby Parker donate shoes, eyeglasses and other items to those in need in underdeveloped countries.

Even some of the most well-known companies champion corporate social responsibility among their employees to make the world a better place. The Disney VoluntEARS program, for example, allows employees to donate their time to worthy causes and has garnered 2.9 million hours of service since 2012. Starbucks encourages its employees to take part in community service projects and has a goal of having 100 percent of its global stores participating in annual service by 2020.

Additionally, P&G and its employees focus on giving back by providing health, hygiene and the comforts of home to those in need. The Children’s Safe Drinking Water program provides clean drinking water to people in 75 countries through the use of water purification packets invented by the company.

When searching for job listings on LinkedIn, use certain filters to help you home in on positions with companies that give back. Under the More Filters tab, simply click on the industry that interests you most, be it a civic and social organization or a nonprofit organization. 

Be the Change (Literally)
Do you see opportunities in your own workplace to do more than just the status quo? What types of programs could you add to the mix? If you’re serious about bringing a meaningful change to your office, there are many ways to do just that, as well as an abundance of resources.

Projects like Recycling at Work make it easy to implement programs in your workplace (once you have the go-ahead from the higher-ups, that is). Recycling at Work offers a step-by-step plan to help you get things up and running, as well as free resources and tools to keep the movement going.

If you’re interested in starting an employee volunteer program, the Points of Light Institute recommends community needs, as well as employee experience and interest, to see which opportunities would be a good fit for your organization. Additionally, by identifying business priorities, your program will be able to properly reflect the values and culture of your company while also furthering the business’s objectives.

Strike a Balance
Even if you find that you can’t fulfill your desire to create meaningful change during your 9-to-5, it’s still possible to create a work/life balance that allows you to do just that. Look for volunteer opportunities that allow you to help out after work or on the weekends.

The LinkedIn for Good program lets users find board and volunteer opportunities that fit their interests and expertise, and sign up to become mentors. It even offers tips on how to update your profile to let nonprofits better understand how you’d like to donate your time.

If there’s a particular cause you feel passionate about, figure out how you can translate your professional skills into contributing to a volunteer project. If you’re a writer, for example, consider offering to help with an organization’s newsletter. If you’re an accountant, check in with your favorite association and see if they need help straightening out their finances.

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