Elementary School Teachers Share the Funniest Things Kids Have Said in Class

Elementary School Teachers Share the Funniest Things Kids Have Said in Class

Teachers divulge the most silly and shocking things their students have said in class!

By: Maressa Brown

As the expression goes, kids say the darndest things. That fact is clearly illustrated by what many elementary school teachers experience on a daily basis. Although their young students floor them with their sweetness, creativity, and smarts, they’re also frequently cracking them up – often without intending to! Here, teachers of grades K-5 share the cutest, silliest, and absolute funniest things students have ever said to them.

1. "When I worked with kindergarten children, we took them on an outing one afternoon and they all came back very tired at the end of the day. So they were all looking at books in the story corner by themselves, quietly waiting for their parents to pick them up. This little girl had been looking at a story for a good ten minutes, but all of a sudden she looked at me, and with an accusing/confused look on her face shouted: 'Wait a minute ... I CAN'T READ!'"

2. "I was helping a kindergartner with some reading, and we were reading a story about fathers. The little girl stops and says, 'My mom still has her father!' I said 'That's good,' and she responds with, 'Yep, he's in a vase in the living room!'"

3. "I was tying a kindergarten boy's shoes, when he casually tells me, ‘I eat corn every night,’ then walked away."

4. "'I have a bear trap in my backpack. Want to see?'"


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5. "One of my fifth graders came up with this: 'The First Amendment for birds is freedom of SCREECH!'"

6. "One of my students came to me, and asked for my phone number … so his divorced dad could ask me out! (At least only a handful of other kids heard!) I told the student that I wasn't allowed to give my phone number out to students, but if his dad had any questions about school, he could email me or call the office. Luckily, I never heard from him! Awkward!"

7. "I had a third grade student who was always cracking me up with phrases he obviously heard at home from his parents and older brothers. When the announcements came on at the end of the day announcing a bus delay due to weather, a little boy (all bundled up in full coat, gloves, etc.), yelled, 'Ain't nobody got time for that! I need to get home!'"

8. "Upon arriving back in my kindergarten classroom after a trip to the library, a kid looked like he was gearing up to sprint. I ask, 'Where are you going?' He replies, 'I'm going to fly in the classroom. Ready for take off, 3, 2, 1, go …!'"

9. Student A: I can spell my mom's name. Me: Oh yeah? How do you spell it? Student A: M-O-M. Student B: That's how you spell MY mom's name, too!

Have your kids’ teachers shared any of the funny things your child has said in class?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture – preferably on a beach somewhere.

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One time my oldest brought fake spiders too school but everyone in his classroom started screaming like they were real....

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I was shopping with my granddaughter and I bought a jar of vaseline. She asked my what it is for and I said "dry skin, remove makeup. Vaseline is great it is good for almost everything." After a few quiet seconds she said "Will it help my mother have a baby".

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My oldest when he was in 1st grade had his teacher and other teachers believing that he brought a real live snake to class and he lost it...........

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So when my son was in the 2nd grade his teacher told me ,during a conference, that one day he got up in the middle of circle time and cut up a piece of paper which he then proceeded to glue all over his face!

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