Enjoying Summer to My Own Rhythm!

Enjoying Summer to My Own Rhythm!

Violet Enjoys Summer at Your Rhythm in Houston.

I am so excited that summer is finally here! For me, that means work slows down and I have more time with mi familia. Going to the beach, having family get-togethers and taking road trips is what I look forward to the most this summer. I was so excited when I was chosen to be a #RitmoOrgullosa correspondent and asked to share how I live summer at my own rhythm as an Orgullosa Latina. A lot don’t know, pero yo soy Dominican y Cubana born in Brooklyn, New York. I know, a mouthful! I am so proud of my heritage and try to celebrate it every single day. Latinos are brought up with a strong work ethic, so I find myself going the extra mile at work and sometimes overworking myself. This summer I decided to take a break from work and live in the moment, savoring every minute of it!

Thanks to Orgullosa I was able to live in the moment and take a trip to Galveston with my brother to visit Moody Gardens. The starter kit that I was sent had everything I needed to make my trip great. I made sure to pack up all the necessities for this adventure. Since I knew I would be doing a lot of walking, I brought water, a beach towel, sandals and sunnies, of course. I made sure to wash all my clothing the night before with the easy-to-use Gain Flings in my starter kit. I love the original scent so much because it reminds me of my grandmother’s home smelling so fresh and clean. Also, it doesn’t make my skin break out! I’m super cautious when using any new detergents in my home. Gain is easy on the skin and easy on the nose as well!

We headed down to Galveston and enjoyed the ride there by listening to reggaeton music on the way. Seeing the beach in the horizon made me think about the time I spent with my family growing up in Miami and how we would always have a barbecue on the beach. We would sing and dance to bachata all day long. Also it made me miss the beach so much! Ever since I moved to Houston two years ago I haven’t been to a beach; so that was an exciting experience!

My brother and I headed inside and explored all of Moody Gardens and saw some amazing animals and learned so much. There was tons of information at each station and attendants there to help you learn about all of the creatures of the sea.

It was so much fun going through the aquarium and seeing so many beautiful creatures. The seals kept on playing with everyone and following us all around. It was truly a breathtaking experience!

Afterward, we headed into the Rain Forest Exhibit. It was so nice to see all these beautiful creatures, and it made me really appreciate nature and all of its beauty around us. I can say the rain forest pyramid was my favorite, it was so peaceful and it was just me and nature all around.

The quotes in the rain forest pyramid were also something to see. I had to share a few of them with you all because they really touched my heart; even the rain forest moves to its own rhythm!


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I'm glad I made the decision to wear something light and airy because it was really hot in Galveston; 90 degrees plus all the humidity! My clothing still smelled great after all that walking!

My brother and I enjoyed visiting Palm Beach in Galveston as well. It was a beautiful day and I am so happy I got to share it will my silly brother! We decided to grab something to eat. We were in the mood for Italian food, so we headed to an Italian restaurant.

We ordered the stromboli and let me tell you this, it was mouthwatering! We also got this tasty cheesecake to feed our sweet tooth. All that walking around can definitely make anyone hungry!

After eating we decided to walk on the beach to let our food settle before driving back home.

I'm so glad that we were able to experience this and share it with you. It was truly a wonderful adventure. Summer is finally here, so definitely make the most of it by enjoying it at your own rhythm! We’ve got some tips for fun in your city, then tell us how you enjoy summer your way.

Violet is a fashion and beauty blogger from Houston, Texas with a goal to help everyone shop trendy styles on a budget on CurvyGirlOnABudget.com.

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