Bringing Your Busy Family Together

Bringing Your Busy Family Together

Kick back and enjoy the company of the people you love most with these 7 ideas.

Spending time with family is often the icing on the cake of a good week. And when it’s been “one of those weeks,” we’re even more grateful for the downtime to kick back with family and enjoy each other.

Special occasions are no different. Of course, it’s fun to go all out on a party or planned adventure, but the best family adventures can also happen when you least expect it. Even on the fly, those precious, couldn’t-have-planned-this moments may come to life right in your backyard (or even while laughing on your couch).

Think about what your family does well, or what you enjoy. Whether you’re homebodies or you love the great outdoors, here are some ideas for your home team to join forces with new meaning.

1. Be Flexible. Traditionally, dinnertime provides the perfect opportunity for families to discuss the day’s highs and lows. If scheduling issues consistently conflict with eating dinner as a family, brighten the start of the day by eating a healthy, energizing breakfast together instead.

2. Make it Sweet.
 If mealtime simply won’t work, plan a delicious dessert once or twice a week at the end of a busy day. Nothing will get your scattered crew scrambling to the table like something sweet while you swap stories about the day.

3. Get Crafty. Take an evening or an afternoon to craft. Arrange an assortment of art supplies on the table: Each family member can choose something different to create. Add a musical vibe to stoke an inspiring atmosphere. While painting, coloring, cutting or pasting, each member of the family can take a turn playing DJ.


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4. Snuggle up for Story Time.
 Read a book together at bedtime. Discuss problems going on in the story and ask your child what she thinks. Consider questions like, “How would you handle this?” or , “Have you ever had something like that happen at school?” Don’t discount personal storytelling. Send them off to dreamland with a funny anecdote from your childhood, tales about an interesting relative or a made-up story.

5. Go Wild. Share your love of nature with your kids by hiking a nature trail, camping, bird-watching or collecting and identifying wildflowers together.

6. Opt for Friendly Competition. Make homemade pizzas or order delivery. Then, set up your family’s favorite game. A lively game of cards or a lighthearted board game are sure-fire crowd-pleasers.

7. Catch a Flick. Pop some popcorn and watch a family-friendly film on a Friday night or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Or, find a weekly television show like a sitcom that you can all enjoy together.

Just remember, even the littlest moments can bring a family closer, nurturing resiliency and stability and building joyful memories that you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime.

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