Fun activities that will not cost you a dime

Fun activities that will not cost you a dime

These ideas for free family fun are perfect any time of year.

By: Shayne R.

One thing I love about warm weather – even though I’m more of a fall and winter girl – is that there are so many things to do with kids that you don’t have to spend money on: walks, visits to the park, splashing in the sprinkler or kiddie pool. Here are some other fun and completely FREE activities to do:

Got to the public library. The free public library has something for everyone--books, movies, games, magazines, and much more when you factor in special events. Visit your library and find out what’s going on that month that might interest your kids, and while you’re there let everyone pick out something to bring home.

Create a scavenger hunt. You can spend a few minutes writing out a list of things for your kids to find around the house or while you’re all out on a walk together. The first kid to find everything on the list gets to pick what everyone has for a snack when the hunt is over or what the next family activity will be (that way you don’t have to spend money on a prize).

Visit a museum. Believe it or not, there are a lot of small museums that offer free admission, especially if you live in or near a college or university town. Some museums--even the bigger ones--have one free night a month, but many always offer free admission. We have a free art museum as well as a free geology museum with real dinosaur bones on exhibit right in the next town over.

Movie marathon.
A movie marathon is the perfect rainy or snow day activity. Let everyone pick a movie and watch them back-to-back. Complete the experience with popcorn and fun drinks like lemonade or hot cocoa. For an extra special touch, help your kids build a fort to lounge in while they watch.

Cook together. Instead of spending money on a dinner out, recruit your kids to help you cook. Just allot a little bit of extra time, since you’ll probably have to do some teaching and demonstrating. This is a super-fun way to get your kids interested in food and to get a little help in the kitchen.

Have a dance party. My two-year-old and I love to gather up a few flashlights, turn out the lights and blast some fun dance tunes! Music and dancing have a way of putting everyone in a good mood. A dance party will help everyone burn off some extra energy and get everyone giggling.

What kinds of activities does your family enjoy doing together?


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