Fun Family Activities for Fall

Fun Family Activities for Fall

Enjoy the season without breaking the bank. Check out these fun ideas.

There's something special about fall. Maybe it's the colors, or the crisp tinge in the air. Or the fact that the holiday season is just around the corner. It could also be that these last few weeks of it's-warm-enough-to-pretend-it's-not-too-cold weather are great for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Whatever it is, it's perfect. Perfect for a bevy of fun activities that won't break the bank. Perfect for creating memories and building family traditions. Perfect for cozy afternoons and laughter with a side of hot chocolate. Perfect for just about anything.

Here are a few favorite fall activities we can't wait to share and experience:

1. Enjoy the Outdoor Playground
Crisp autumn temperatures are just right for outdoor play. It's not too hot that you're wiped after 10 minutes, and it's not yet too cold that your lips turn blue half an hour into the fun. That adds up to weather that begs for outdoor play – for jumping in leaf piles, for taking a hike through local forests of gold, amber, orange and red. For collecting pinecones and acorns, for building forts and planting flower bulbs for the coming spring.


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2. Celebrate Your Area's Fall Traditions
Autumn is ripe for family-friendly fun. Peruse the paper, the TV or online to find the best your region has to offer. Some of our favorites include:

  • Going apple and pumpkin picking. Don't forget to stock up on apple cider and cinnamon sticks!
  • Getting lost in a corn maze
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Attending fall fairs
  • Taking a hayride (particularly popular for the young kids)
  • Courageously braving the horrors of a haunted house (particularly popular for the older kids)

3. Embrace the Cold
After a scorching summer, we are ready for sweaters and hot chocolate and crackling fires. There are a host of awesome activities to welcome the cool. There's chili making with my little chef. There are evenings with stovetop popcorn and a movie, of hearty soup followed by warm apple pie. And then there's our annual tradition of pulling out the sleeping bags, lighting a fire and spending the night by the warmth of crackling embers.

4. Boo! It's Halloween!
Halloween is definitely a favorite holiday, and you can really make it anything you want. It can be silly or quirky or downright creepy, depending on how you and yours prefer to celebrate. You can make your own costumes or hold competitions on who can devise the scariest transformation. You can also celebrate your roots with Day of the Dead celebrations. But however you do it, Halloween has the makings for a special fall family tradition.

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