How to Combat Your Family’s Cabin Fever

How to Combat Your Family’s Cabin Fever

Don’t let weather stop the fun. Check out these indoor activities for kids of any age!

The family is stuck indoors because of the weather and the kids are, of course, bursting with energy. Or maybe they’re bursting with energy because they’re stuck indoors.

Either way, you’ve got to keep them busy because yesterday you let them just watch TV all day. And you’d like to save those days for when you really need them!

So here are some fun family ideas when you’re stuck at home.

1. Cooking
Sift, stir and pour. Let them help you out with the basics. It’s an opportunity to teach them a little about cooking. Pizza is a great choice. You can do individual flatbread pizzas or make one big one and have everyone top their own slice. Or, cut the dough into pieces before cooking and let the kids top their special slice. The possibilities are endless.

2. Dance Party
It’s time for a dance-a-thon. Pick something from decades past, show them the popular moves of yesteryear and then let them go from there.


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3. Showtime
Put on a magic act, a puppet show or anything that involves props, other performers and an audience – including you.

4. Arts and Crafts
Make and test out (and chase!) paper planes and other creations. Get crafty and experiment with art supplies found in your house. From creating handmade puppets to fun DIY Tic-Tac-Toe games, your possibilities are endless.

5. Science Experiments
Make a papier-mâché volcano and let it erupt with a mix of baking soda and vinegar.

6. Music
Make your own instruments with a comb and wax paper, or a shoebox and a rubber band. Or go with the old classic pots and pans with wooden spoons.

While it might not seem like there’s a lot to do in your house, with a little creativity, you can get all your kids up and about. How do you keep your kids moving and engaged when you’re trapped indoors?

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