Game Night! 3 Fun Games for the Family

Game Night! 3 Fun Games for the Family

With just a little creativity, everybody can have an entertaining and joyful time.

By: Shayne R.

Family game night isn’t just an ideal way to get your family unplugged and spending dedicated quality time together. All of those things are incredibly important and should definitely be a goal, but game playing can also affect your children’s success in school and other areas of life.

Games help children learn how to focus, meet goals, practice self control, plan and prioritize tasks and as a bonus, they can improve memory—all skills that are beneficial both in the classroom and eventually in the work place. Board games and card games are excellent for family play, but if you don’t already own many or you’re family is a little bored of the ones you do have, there are some games that require nothing other than the players. Here are a few of them.

Botticelli. This is the perfect game for pop culture lovers and history buffs alike. A chooser thinks of a famous person and reveals the first letter of the name that person is known by. The guessers then take turns asking yes or no questions as they attempt to guess who the person is. If the answer is no, the chooser, says, “no, I am not…” naming a person that fits the criteria of the guessers question. Or if the chooser cannot think of anyone that fits the criteria of the question, he will say, “no, I don’t know of whom you are thinking.” At that point the guesser reveals whom he was thinking of and can proceed to ask a series of yes or no questions, until the chooser gives a no response at which point a new guesser can begin guessing in the same manner. If the answer to the initial question is yes, the chooser will say, “Yes, I am…” naming a person who fits that criteria and the guesser wins. Whomever guesses correctly first becomes the next chooser.

Charades. Charades didn’t become a classic for no reason! It has all the components of a great game: mystery, competiveness, and silliness. I’m not sure I’ve ever played a game of charades that didn’t result in widespread hysterical laughter. If on the off chance you’ve never played charades, all you do is choose a person to act out a movie, book title, song or famous person’s name, using pantomime. The first person to guess the correct word or phrase gets a point. Each player takes a turn pantomiming. Charades can be played as individuals or in teams.

Would You Rather. This game is a great way to learn more about your family members and to discover common interests. One person volunteers to be or is nominated “it” and has to think up “would you rather questions” (for example, would you rather eat octopus or snails?) and everyone with one answer moves to the left side of the room and everyone with the other answer moves to the right side of the room. “It” can keep track of the answers to review together at the end of the game and see who has the most in common.

What kinds of games do your kids enjoy most?


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That is some great set of games to play with the family. Thank you for sharing them. I will surely try them out. Recently, when we celebrated the New Year night, we were all engrossed in playing video games together. I remember my aunt bought us gift cards from and we siblings took our console, sat in front of our respective screen and started playing FIFA the whole night.

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