How to Have a Fun Fall Day with Kids

How to Have a Fun Fall Day with Kids

Let yourself feel young again in the falling leaves and crisp air with your children.

  1. Pick up a local newspaper and mark fall events, such as corn mazes, wagon rides, pancake breakfasts and farmers markets, on your calendar. Aim to do two fall community activities each month.
  2. Walk in the woods and hunt for fall decorations, such as dried leaves and fallen pine cones. Back home, create wreaths, collages or centerpieces with the items you found.
  3. Call local farms to ask about special fall events, such as a children's apple-picking day or hayride.
  4. Make a day's menu with all apple or pumpkin recipes, such as apple pancakes for breakfast, chicken and apple salad for lunch, then butternut squash and apple soup with biscuits for dinner, followed by apple pie.
  5. Host your own fall event. If you have a tractor, riding lawn mower or four-wheeler, rig up a hayride. Or invite families over for apple bobbing, hot cider and marshmallow roasting. Tell guests to dress warm, and serve warmed-up goodies outside by a bonfire or under a heat lamp.

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