How to Keep Monsters Out of Your Room

How to Keep Monsters Out of Your Room

Use our free downloadable template to create a personalized bottle of monster spray.

Are your little ones up all night because of the scary monsters in the closet? Not anymore! Use our free template and a bottle of Febreze to ward off any monsters while keeping their room smelling fresh.

Monster Spray Template
Markers or colored pencils
Tape or glue



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  1. Download and print the Monster Spray template
  2. Color in the monsters and fill in the name on the banner
  3. Cut out the banner and wrap it around the bottle, securing it in place with tape or glue
  4. Cut out the monsters and glue them onto the bottle
  5. Have children spray their room for monsters before bed

Do you have any clever ways of getting rid of monsters? Share them in the comments section below!

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