How to Survive Long Car Rides with Kids

How to Survive Long Car Rides with Kids

Planning a long trip in the car? Make it enjoyable for the whole family with these ideas.

By: Soelis K.

Traveling with children in a car can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Know how to do it in a fun and safe way. It's easier than you think!

If there's anything I've learned in my years as a mother, it's that kids need fun. There's no situation more representative of this reality than when you embark on a family road trip. The secret to a successful road trip with children is all in the planning, so don't panic! To make the experience much more bearable, and even pleasant, see my tips below, which have helped make our family trips on wheels as much fun for the adults as it is for the little ones. Hopefully these tips work for you too!

1. Plan around the traffic. If being in traffic for hours and hours makes you cranky, stuck inside the car, unable to move about, imagine how your kids feel! Check the weather and traffic forecast before leaving the house and plan around it. If it's possible, start a trip early in the morning (when there's generally less congestion) and take alternate routes or scenic routes to make the journey more peaceful.

2. Don't forget your camera. Now kids know even more about technology than we do. So cheer your little ones up by giving them your camera or cell phone (or use a disposable camera) to take photos or videos of their favorite moments. Once you get back home, allow your child to make their own album. After all, what's better than memories which last a lifetime? Even better if they're memories your child helped document!

3. Pack what you need. Don't go crazy while packing, but don't leave out essential items either. A change of clothes for your child, plastic or paper bags for possible car sickness, bandages and medicines, towels and baby wipes will be your salvation during unexpected moments. Try Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes, in travel size; they literally fit in any of your pocketbooks and are useful for everything.

4. Be smart with the snacks. Kids' moods deteriorate when they're hungry — and the truth is, on a highway, it's not always possible to eat in the best restaurants. Bring wholesome snacks along for the ride. Make sure they're snacks which don't melt and won't make a mess in the car or stain clothing. Cheese sticks, little containers of yogurt or juice, popcorn and fruits and vegetables are my favorites.

5. Entertain them. Allow your child to bring his favorite books and find one or two bilingual audio books that the whole family can enjoy. Music is also key‑more so if everyone sings along! Take advantage of the opportunity to play the Latin music you like so much. This way you're also helping your child make the association between family car trips and the Hispanic culture you're so proud of.

Where is your family road trip taking you this summer?


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