Teaching Your Kids about Their Heritage

Teaching Your Kids about Their Heritage

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by teaching your kids about their roots!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! This is the perfect time to teach kids about their roots, and make it fun! Here are some ways to teach your kids about their heritage this month.

1. Cooking Up Tradition
Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory, so it's no surprise that certain scents send us straight back to childhood – right into our abuelas' kitchens. These are sweet memories (literally), but somehow it's easy to overlook creating the same traditions with our kiddos.

Start by talking about typical foods in your culture, and then let your children choose which dish they want to try. Next, do some research: Why is this dish traditional? When is it eaten? Are there any stories or legends surrounding it? As you prepare it, recall some of your favorite memories, and start creating new ones as you dig into the finished product.

Tip: Cooking with the kids can get messy, fast. Don’t forget to clean up with Bounty paper towels!

2. ¡Festejamos!
As Latinas, it's in our blood to celebrate life with joy and gusto – with family, music, dancing, food and games. There's really no better way to teach your kids about their heritage than to celebrate your culture's important holidays.

Decorate. Whip up some traditional foods. Blast the music. Invite your family, friends and neighbors. Go BIG! And as you prep, talk with your kids about the who, what, where, when and why: the cultural and historical significance of each holiday. By next year, they'll be itching to celebrate again.


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3. Keep a Grandparent Journal
Have you ever seen grandparent memory journals at your local bookstore? They're incredible. It takes some searching to find one that's right for your family – some are themed, in 20 questions-style formatting, or of religious influence – but once you do, your own parents will have a blast recalling their youths and sharing memories with the youngest generation.

You can even utilize them as scrapbooks: Grandparents can include beloved and well-preserved quinceañera and wedding invitations, or paste in photos of childhood homes. Your family's memorabilia will blossom into rich storytelling devices that will fascinate the next generation.

4. Cultural Trivia
Because who doesn’t love a good game of trivia? Try teaching your kids about key cultural identifiers, like the national flags of your ancestors and important historical or political figures.

Then, quiz them! You can make flashcards, a mini workbook or even a Jeopardy-style game. They will have fun quizzing you back, and who knows: You may even learn a thing or two!

How do you share your heritage with your children? Let us know in the comments.

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