Learn New Things to Save You Time and Money

Learn New Things to Save You Time and Money

From changing a tire to finding the perfect pair of jeans, here are tips to learn something new today!

There are a lot of things we pay people to do that we can easily do ourselves — with a little discipline, of course. Here are a few things you can learn how to do to save a few bucks here and there and spend it on something you can’t do yourself!

How to Cut Your Own Bangs
Just remember the golden rule: Once you cut it, it’s gone. Start by trimming a quarter-inch and then decide if you want to cut more.

  1. Wash and dry your hair, tie it back and then straighten your bangs — you may be in for a nasty surprise if you cut your bangs while your hair is still wet.
  2. If you wear your bangs slightly longer on the sides, trimming it is easy: Gather the bangs between your eyes, twist them around twice and then snip off the end with sharp scissors. Voila — you will be left with perfectly even sides!
  3. If you prefer your bangs cut straight across, divide the hair into two sections (left and right). Take the first section and comb the hair using a fine-toothed comb to smooth it out. Then, starting from the side closest to your nose, snip the hair outward toward your ear, holding the scissors at a 45-degree angle. Stop when you reach the outer corner of your eyebrow. Repeat on the other side. Once you’re done, comb through your fringe and trim any stragglers.

How to Complain Effectively
Every establishment makes mistakes. How you address these mistakes is key.

  1. Don’t complain in order to get something for free. Think of it as constructive criticism so that your next experience is more pleasurable.
  2. Don’t be melodramatic. You’re less likely to be taken seriously if you say that your coffee is ice cold when it’s just under piping hot.
  3. Complain, but don’t launch into a screaming match. And remember to show the person you’re dealing with some respect, even while outlining the complaint.
  4. Speak to someone senior — they’re the ones who can fix the problem.
  5. Don’t tweet, blog or post your complaint on social media sites before alerting the manager.

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How to Change a Tire
A tire can go flat at a moments notice. If you ever have to change a tire, here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have a jack, an inflated spare tire and a wheel tire iron in your car.
  2. Park in a safe area, clear from moving traffic and on level ground so that you don’t roll. If the ground isn’t completely level, turn your wheel so that it’s tucked against the pavement. If it’s the front tire, pull up the handbrake. If it’s one of the back tires, release the handbrake.
  3. Loosen the hubcaps and the wheel nuts (but don’t remove them completely) once your car is parked securely. Remember to turn counterclockwise to loosen.
  4. Jack up your car and then remove the wheel nuts and the wheel, taking care not to lose the wheel nuts.
  5. Put the new wheel in place and loosely fasten the wheel nuts. Release the jack to bring the car back down to the ground, then tighten the nuts as firmly as possible and replace the hubcap.

How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans
Although this might seem as easy as finding a unicorn, it is possible.

  1. Be honest about your shape. Decide which features you want to hide and which you want to flaunt.
  2. Decide on a color. Dark washes can be transitioned into night for dressier occasions, while original denim can take you anywhere.
  3. Choose your cut. If you’re pear-shaped, straight and boot cuts are best. Choose skinnies if you’re slim and avoid big flares that will make you look unbalanced. For fuller figures, the wide-leg cut is your winner. If you have an hourglass figure you’ve hit the jackpot, because most styles should work for you. And a little bit of stretch in the fabric ups the chance of them fitting perfectly.
  4. Hit the jeans jackpot. You will know this is the pair when they fit perfectly around your waist, butt and hips, look good with both heels and flats (no grazing the ground!), lengthen your legs and feel completely comfortable.

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