Letting Your Children Explore Their Passions

Letting Your Children Explore Their Passions

Encourage your kids to pursue something they love with these tips.

By: Jessica Cohen

Nurturing our children’s interests is one of the most important and exciting aspects of parenthood. We have the ability to expand their world by inspiring them to cultivate their interests and aptitudes, whether we are raising a painter, a soccer player, a violinist, a journalist or whatever prospective future makes our child feel truly fulfilled. So how can we nurture our children’s interests and perhaps even turn them into lifelong hobbies and pursuits?

Our children will never know what they have a passion for or what they excel at without trying anything. Therefore, as parents, the most important thing we can do to nurture our children’s interests is to open their eyes to the possibilities and give them the opportunity to try new things.

If your child is young and you are not sure where to begin, watch your child while he or she is playing. What makes him feel the most at ease? What gives her a look of contentment? What does he or she seem to have a natural aptitude for?


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Here are some common ways to cultivate a child’s interests:

  • Get them books about their interests from the library or nearest bookstore.
  • Teach them what you know if you have experience with their topic of interest.
  • Get them access to items involved with that passion, whether it is a musical instrument, a hockey stick and pads, or a chef’s hat and apron.
  • Find a mentor in your community who can help your child strengthen his or her abilities.
  • Enroll them in classes, local leagues or lessons so your child can develop through participation. Very often you can find this through your township or even at a nearby community college.
  • Use television time to watch shows related to your child’s interest. There are cooking shows, home improvement shows, professional sports games, musicals and so much more right on your television screen.
  • Get online. TV is not the only screen you can utilize. Your child can do tons of reading, research and learning about their interests online, whether it is learning how to read music, write screenplays, bake the ultimate cupcake or discovering winning chess moves.
  • Perhaps most important as a parent is to listen closely when your child talks about his or her passions to see if you can discover what it is about that particular interest that appeals to them. Your child should have his or her own reasons for why something is important.

Try not to impose your own interests on your children. Help your child to understand what else it is that he or she is gaining from having a passion, whether it is developing leadership skills, teamwork, independence or creativity.

When your child develops an interest or passion for an activity, provide whatever opportunities you can to nurture it. Whether your child is finding a future career or a temporary hobby, encourage your child to pursue and enjoy activities that interest them. You never know where it may lead!

Jessica Cohen writes at Found the Marbles, a look at social good, life and paying it forward. She is also a ghost writer, media strategist and frequent carpooler.

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