Little Things to Celebrate Your Heritage

Little Things to Celebrate Your Heritage

You may not do anything big for Hispanic Heritage Month, but you can still celebrate.

As Latinos, we all share a common language, but we come from different cultures. Our country of origin dictates our identity, and whether we are first generation or second generation, there’s always an element of nostalgia. It makes us want to express our particular traditions even more.

We’re all proud of our personal heritage, but it’s hard to find time to be part of larger festivities due to work or other obligations. Nonetheless, there are little things we can do to celebrate our national pride, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

1. Enjoying Our Typical Food
Whether it’s a big dinner or just a simple dish, food brings us all together. The importance of family has always been taught in our homes, so this year ask mamá or abuela to teach you how to make that traditional dish or family recipe. Make it for family or friends. Or consider organizing a potluck at your workplace. This is an excellent chance to express your Latin flavor.

If cooking isn’t your thing, look for an authentic local restaurant that serves food from your family’s country. You may even meet up with fellow nationals, making you feel a bit more at home.


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2. Following the Rhythm of Our Music
We like our music to be cheerful and contagious, and salsa unites all Latinas in one true festive feeling. Whether it’s Cuban, Puerto Rican or Colombian music, we all love to move. Whether it’s just playing music at home or organizing a party, play some salsa and start dancing. And don’t worry if you start with salsa only to move to merengue, followed by norteñas, and continue with Latin pop and reggaetón. If it can be sung, it can be danced.

3. Little Daily Details
There are thousands of details we can share with our groups of friends and colleagues, and maybe even spark a conversation. It could be a flag pin, a traditional hat or a particular garment that speaks about your culture. Some examples include: ponchos, gaucho pants and charro hats. These are fabulous conversation starters and will definitely keep people asking more about your heritage.

How will you be celebrating your heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month?

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