Making the Match Fun for Everyone

Making the Match Fun for Everyone

You can make the entire variety of people coming over for the match happy with a little effort.

It’s time for fútbol, and the party’s at your house. Come match day, you’ll have the diehard fans, the friends looking to catch up on life, the kids with seemingly endless energy – and pretty much all of the above will be coming hungry.

Impossible? Hardly. It just takes some strategizing on your end before the day comes. Here’s how to pull it off successfully – and still managed to enjoy yourself in the process.

1. Let the Music Play
It may sound counter-intuitive to add another layer of mayhem, but hear us out: Music, at a medium volume, will help equalize all your spaces. The conversation from the next room? Not so annoying to the game-watchers when it’s just part of general background noise. Shouts of ¡gooooooooool! from the game only stand to be amped up by the music. And the kids’ chatter will fade away so they can focus on having fun with no worry about bugging the adults. Choose something upbeat and fun, with the speakers either in a neutral location or separating the groups.

2. Think About Space
No, we’re not saying you need to go all urban-planner on your house. But breaking it down this way will make it much easier for you to organize. Clearly the match is on the TV, so that’s the turf of the super-fans.

Conversation tends to congregate around the food, so put it out somewhere where those looking to catch up can do so in relative peace. (Is there a wall separating the kitchen and living room? Perfect.)

Clear out a room for the kids, and either stock it with games and books to keep them busy, or ask each family to bring a favorite toy along with them. You’ll all still be together, but dedicating an area to each activity keeps it easy and fun for all involved.

3. Remember the Great Outdoors
When the main event takes place on a screen, it’s easy to forget that you can still use what’s outside. Whether you have a front step or a big backyard, involve it in your day.

Maybe this is where the talking happens.


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Maybe this is where the kids play.

Maybe this is a place for everyone to come together before or after the game.

Regardless, when you have a bunch of people, you don’t want to forget any space. And whether your team wins or loses, a little sunshine can always do some good.

4. It’s Always Feeding Time
Seven words: Your salvation lies in the buffet table. The game-watchers will want to fill up before the action starts and at the half. The socializers will likely want to snack throughout. The kids … well, they’re kids, are they ever not hungry?

Save yourself work and sanity: Set up a table or clear a countertop, lay the food out with a stack of plates and utensils, and let everyone serve themselves.

5. Relax, and Have Fun!
This is, after all, the number one reason to host a watch party. Enjoy the company of your guests, eat up, and cheer your team on. There’s no such thing as perfect, so cut that stress out. You’ve taken care of everything you can.

Remember: You’re wanting to make the match great for everyone – well, you are part of everyone.

What are your tips for throwing a stress-free party everyone will enjoy? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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