Making the Most of the Festival

Making the Most of the Festival

Have an upcoming event? Check out our tips on making the most of your time at your next adventure.

Festivals and expos offer experiences you will never forget. You’ll make new friends, strengthen the friendships you already have, and take in some great music and culture. Regardless of where and when your next festival experience takes you, here are some tips to help you enjoy the experience.

1. Easy transition from day to night
Easily transition from cool and casual daytime wear to a chic look for a night out with these tips;

  • Pack a pair of heels and flats so you can alternate between the two when needed
  • Bring a light jacket or wrap for when it gets cooler at night
  • Bring some foundation and mascara with you for quick touch ups and then get right back to the party

We’ve also got some great hairstyles you can try that can last you all day, or are quick enough for easily putting together that evening look.

Curly Twist Out
Braided Crown and Side Pony

2. Look flawless with minimal effort
Depending on whether you’re going to head back to a hotel mid-day, you may have the time and energy to go all out with your makeup – especially for the evening events. But consider going with a more minimal look. That way you can just keep the two or three items you need with you all day and do touch ups as you need to.

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3. Don’t experience it through your phone
You don’t need to record the whole concert. You don’t have to take a picture of every room, every venue, every moment. Capture a few moments, but try to just be present in the moment. Enjoy the music. Enjoy your friends. Plus, the less you use your phone the more likely it’ll still have some battery life left at the end of the night when you need to call a cab.


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4. But still bring and use your phone
Hashtags are great for following festival news and keeping up with any changes that may be going on. And, of course, you want to make sure you don’t get separated from your friends. Check it when you need to. Keep it turned off when you don’t.

5. Take in all the sites
Most events will have more than just music. There will plenty of booths, vendors and promotions to experience. There will be people to meet and memories to make away from the main stages.

Each city hosting the festival will have something unique to offer – great food, history, culture. Take a day or an afternoon or an hour to get away from the festival events and just take in the city. Plan to go to a museum or a play or a sporting event. Take it all in.

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6. Get there early, stay late
If you can, get to the city a day early or stay a day or two after the festival is over. This will not only allow you to see the city – or just relax – but everywhere will be a little less crowded so you won’t spend so much time waiting in lines or waiting for a table.

7. Be flexible
Plans will change. Some things will take longer than you thought, and some won’t take as long. You may feel like doing something in the morning, but once afternoon gets there you’ve changed your mind. Festivals and their host cities have so much to offer there’s no reason you won’t be able to make the most of each day – even if things don’t go exactly as planned.

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