MBIB Top New Mommy Tips

MBIB Top New Mommy Tips

Discover these great tips for maintaining your sanity as a new mommy

By Christina Brown

Let’s be real; being a mom is hard work. Being a new mom can be even more incredibly overwhelming.

One of the reasons I created BabyBrownSugar was to share some of these hard lessons and anecdotes with fellow moms. Another reason was because I wanted advice from other moms with more experience! In my short time as a mother I’ve learned quite a lot. So I’ve partnered up with P&G’s My Black is Beautiful “Mommy Moments” campaign, and partners Pampers and Dreft, to share my top 6 tips for maintaining your sanity as a new mommy:

1. Organize
The best way to keep yourself sane as a new mom is to develop a system. "Mommy brain" is real. Help yourself out by keeping similar items in the same spaces and minimizing clutter by having a place for everything. Don't forget to write important to-dos down on paper and send yourself reminders. You won't have it all together when you first start, but organizing will make things smoother.

2. Don't give up your me time
You may not have as much alone time as you're used to, but the quickest way to burn out is to devote your entire life to someone else without a moment of reprieve. You're a supermom, but you need a break too. Schedule some time weekly to take care of yourself and do the things you love.

3. Preserve your chic!
People always ask me how I've kept myself so put-together dealing with a new baby. Though motherhood has its unflattering moments (like pretty much every time I feed Cady in public and I end up with baby mush on my favorite blouse), I keep my sense of style and my love for beauty as a priority. Quick fixes like a swoosh of mascara or a bold lip can make even mom jeans look chic. Find quick & simple ways to look great in a flash and with little effort.


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4. It's ok to ask for help.
There's a reason they say it takes a village to raise children. It does! When friends and family volunteer to help out, take them up on that offer. It's impossible to do it alone so don't feel bad when you have to ask for help.

5. Don't fall slave to mommy guilt
It is a dangerous path to go down when you start comparing yourself to other moms. You are doing the best you can in the present moment, and that's all your little one requires. Give yourself a break and stay positive!

6. Using products you know and love will save you time!
For instance, Dreft has a product for every stage of babyhood, each specially formulated with your little one in mind. From nesting, to food flinging, to that baby fresh scent, Dreft’s family of products has you covered every step of the way.

Or Pampers who gives my Cady the freedom to love, sleep and play her way while keeping her dry and comfortable!

These products keep my daughter happy and my life easier!

Check out a few of my most beautiful mommy moments on My Black is Beautiful’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as tons of rewards and products for you and your baby at Dreft.com and Pampers.com!

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