Never Forget Another Important Birthday or Anniversary

Never Forget Another Important Birthday or Anniversary

Discover how more sleep less stress can help us remember important dates.

You're sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee when a rush of panic shoots through your body. You forgot your sister's birthday. You rack your brain for excuses — your daughter is sick, work is crazy, you forgot the postage and her card was returned ....

It's time to leave those excuses behind and start remembering important dates. Here's how.

Mark the date.
At the start of the year, go through your calendar and fill in all the important dates. Hang the calendar in a prominent place at work or in your home and check it weekly.


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Follow your nose.
Learn to associate important dates with appropriate smells. For instance, if your husband's birthday is in October, the scent of apple cider might help you remember.

Make it mnemonic.
Mnemonic devices are memory aids. When it comes to dates, try an alliterative phrase such as "February 5, Ben's Birthday Beckons."

Reduce stress.
Stress can affect parts of the brain that process memory. Reduce stress, and you may find yourself remembering more.

Use a reminder service.
Search the Internet for free services that send reminder emails or messages to your mobile phone. Some offer free e-cards, too.

Get your Zs.
Fatigue can adversely affect your memory. Get enough sleep every night to combat overall forgetfulness.

Try a software solution.
Download a free reminder software program to help jog your memory. These applications live on your computer and will remind you when important dates are coming.

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Stress and sleep deprivation are the two most culprits which lead us to be absent minded. For remembering key dates, I have taken a leaf out of my daughter's book. She has made a ring binder having 12 pages and have noted the birthdays, anniversaries etc on a month-by-month basis and she does not ever miss an occasion. I also use my organiser for all this.

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Helpful hints and timely tips.Love every tip for one reason or another.

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I like this idea. I'll add it to my list for when I send out my Christmas cards. The dollar stores have the calendars out by then and I can also send a few of them out to other family members who are going through "mental-pause" like me.

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Perfect to not forget important dates.

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These are great ideas! I especially like the idea to remind people to get their sleep. I myself have found this simple solution to work wonders for the brain!

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