New Twists on the Traditional Quinceañera Celebration

New Twists on the Traditional Quinceañera Celebration

Explore modern takes on the traditional Quinceañera milestone – from décor to dancing!

A Quinceañera is an emotional event in every young Latina's life. The tradition of celebrating a niña turning into a mujer in our culture goes back to the Aztec civilization, as early as 500 B.C. According to these traditions, boys and girls turned of age at fifteen and underwent their particular rites-of-passage to celebrate that special moment.

While boys were expected to become mighty warriors, girls were presented as an active part of society. This may sound very exciting and fun, and it is – especially if you blend this traditional event with some modern takes for an up-to-date celebration.

Here are some new ideas you can use for a stylish and absolutely memorable party.

The Dress
A traditional Quinceañera dress is white or pale pink to signify purity. But a modern take is to consider a variety of hues to bring out their own personality. Colors like blue, ruby red, emerald green and others have become popular, as well as the two-piece style evening gown alternatives. Visit your local Quinceañera boutique to find out what’s trending this season, and how to modernize that unique debutante look in your own way.


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Half-up-Half-down do
The hairstyle for a Quinceañera is as important as the dress. Back in the day, you could find two predominant ways to go: a tight moño or a simple free do. However, if you want to look like a señorita you may want to try something in between. A half-up/half-down hairstyle will still look fresh and youthful, while adding an elegant flair. Try braiding one small portion of your hair on each side, and tie them together in the back. This will leave the rest of the hair hanging playfully, or you may opt for pulling it up just slightly.

Less Makeup is Truly More
Las chicas are opting for less makeup and soft, natural skin tones when rocking their Quinceañera look. For this less-is-more approach, trying using a subtle lipstick, a delicate blush, and just a tiny bit of mascara to look fabulosa. For your nails, try the latest trend: a cream nail polish with a glossy finish.

Some Ideas for a Theme Party
Themed parties have become common in recent years, just like at any high-school party. Los quince fit like a charm when it comes to using your creativity. A thoughtful theme will reflect the birthday girl's interests and passions. From the Golden Age of Hollywood to Fairy Princess themes, the idea is to create that magical atmosphere for your once in a lifetime event. Once you have landed on an overarching theme, it’s much easier to plan around it.

What is your secret to a modern Quinceañera celebration?

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