Not Just for New Years: 5 Resolutions That Enrich Your Life

Not Just for New Years: 5 Resolutions That Enrich Your Life

Explore your passions and make this the best year yet with these five fun “resolutions.”

Why wait until midnight Jan. 1 to begin living better?


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Use your free time to reinvent yourself and do a little learning. Whether taking classes at your local college or making more time to volunteer, check out these simple ways you can have fun and try something new. Even if the year is days or even weeks or months old, make your life fuller and try resolving to one or more of these ideas:

To take a course
Taking a class is a great way to start the adventure toward a deeper you. Learn to play an instrument or speak a new language. Invite your friends or spouse to join you for a dance class. You even can brush up on some old favorites like history or English. Many universities offer e-learning courses — and sometimes they’re free.

To start a hobby
Being able to focus on solely one thing is a tough thing to do nowadays — it’s therapeutic to be able to lose yourself and the time with something you truly enjoy. Attend a craft workshop or get into gardening. Enliven your cooking skills with a few new recipes. Take up travel and plan a few trips. The possibilities are endless. If you’re still stumped, visit the library or search online. The odds are, if you love doing something, you’ll find an entire community online that does, too.

To join a group
Just because you are trying something new, it doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. Find a group or invite your friends to join you. Set up a weekly movie night. It’s a great opportunity to rent old favorites or check out ones you’ve been meaning to see. Join a book club or walking group. If you’re into sports, organize a tournament or outing among friends. You can even start a dinner club and take turns cooking or exploring restaurants in your area.

To share your time
Volunteering is a great way to use your talents or discover new ones. From kids to pets to the arts, there’s always a need for people willing to share their time. Just ask around your neighborhood. You even can start a local initiative or plan a community event of your own. Whatever your passion, you’ll have fun and help others in the process.

To make over your look
While you’re improving your mind, why not reinvent your style? Give yourself a manicure, refresh your makeup bag or try a completely new look for the “new year” — no matter what day it happens to start on.

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