Making Precious Time: Parenting in the Modern Era

Making Precious Time: Parenting in the Modern Era

Discover those small moments in parenting that matter the most.

By: Elisabet Garcia

Full-time jobs , transporting young children to daycare and a constant lack of time — it’s not all that surprising that parents, who want to be the world's best mothers and fathers, can feel guilty when they’re not spending that one-on-one time with their kids. Although every parent feels this guilt every now and then, it’s important to remember no one is perfect. Time is sparse and that makes the moments with your child all the more important. While the duties of parenting rarely ever stops, you can still make an impact on your child’s learning and development by making your moments together count.

Parenting Begins with Teaching
It’s the parents’ responsibility to teach a child about life. A child must be taught to distinguish between right and wrong, that there are rules, and that, in order to succeed, he has to exercise good judgment as he progresses through life. Your child should feel good, and this will occur if he knows what to do and knows the limits that are imposed. (These limits of course change as the child grows.) Planning out these life lessons takes both time and patience, but every family takes a different route. This is often a life-long journey with your child. Try your best to stay on course, even if it takes longer than anticipated.

Making Family Time Priority
Finding time to take care of everything you need to and having time to teach the children how to handle their various needs and how to resolve conflicts is certainly easier said than done. It is easy to take a step back as a parent. Instead of cultivating a sense of independence, you may find yourself performing a task yourself just to save time — and while that’s OK every once in a while, a child has to learn for himself how something is done. Not only does it boost self-esteem — because he learned something and can do something his parents can do — it adds to an ever-evolving repertoire of skills. Slowing down the day to make room for these moments may be difficult in your on-the-go schedule, but it is better than missing the opportunity to engrave true meaning in the tasks your child participates in.


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Building Skills and Confidence
A child needs to have certain things to develop self-esteem. When children help each other, clean together and choose the order of and share tasks, they learn to stand up for each other and not just think of themselves. These are important skills that build pride and self-satisfaction. Ultimately, implementing these tasks may save time. But again, this is a gradual process and all kids develop this sense of confidence and skill sets at different rates.

When teaching the “big things” in life, it is rare that this responsibility will go smoothly, without interruptions. What never fails is taking the conscious effort to be a role model to your child. If you take the time to do things correctly the first time, with a patient and caring attitude, you will be setting a good example for your child to follow suite.

Just know that all the hard work you put into parenting is about love. And although parenting is no easy task, that feeling of love makes it all worthwhile. It is the little things that add up, so take your time where it matters the most.

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Decision making and responsibility shared by loving parents provides an example of the respect they have for each other as well as members of t heir family.

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