Reasons to Celebrate the Everyday

Reasons to Celebrate the Everyday

It really is the little things.

By: Christina Montoya Fiedler

Crossing Things off Your To-Do List
Grab a pen and paper, and write out a to-do list for yourself. There's something about physically crossing things off that makes you feel accomplished. "Some days, it's easy to feel like you didn't do anything (especially when you spend your days tending to young kids!), so it's great to have a visual reminder that you did actually do things and they were worthwhile!" says Jenny Solar, founder of the Happy Family Movement.

Finishing a Good Book
Whether it's a mystery, romance or nonfiction bestseller, books are a great way of escaping the pressures of everyday life. So if you finish one, get another, stat. "The books we read can make a huge impact on our lives and the lives of our kids! I have a good collection of parenting books, and I'm always thrilled to add another to my collection because I know each one shapes the way we're raising our family," Solar says.

Meeting a Savings Goal
Putting every penny away for a long period of time may seem daunting, but the outcome far outweighs the sacrifices. "Not only should we celebrate the fruits of our diligence, devotion and patience – we should pause and witness the miracle that small things tended over time can become enormous gifts," says life coach and author Lauren Rosenfeld.

Celebrating a Milestone
Whether it's a kindergarten graduation, first sporting event, first sleepover or another big step, celebrating childhood milestones can be fun for the whole family. "Growth happens in our children's lives constantly, and often we miss it because we are moving so quickly," Rosenfeld says. "It's important to pause in moments such as these to really celebrate their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.”


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Teaching Your Child How to Do Something
Remember when your child first learned to swim, or cook, or camp? Recognize what a big part you had in it, and bask in the glow of accomplishment. "When we teach our children, we are connecting them to the past and to the future – to the generations before us that taught us these things and to the future generations whom they will in turn teach. And we are giving them new ways to connect with the joy of life," Rosenfeld says.

Completing a Tedious Task
The feeling of freedom after finishing a daunting task is reason enough to celebrate. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. "We are in the habit of believing that some tasks are thankless. But, in fact, every task we perform is a way of affirming our intellectual and physical vitality. We should dwell in gratitude for the gifts we are given to perform – even the difficult and tedious. Then these are not thankless tasks – they are thankful tasks," Rosenfeld says.

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