Romantic Ideas on a Budget

Romantic Ideas on a Budget

Spend quality time with your loved one without having to dip into the bank account.

We might not have the money to whisk our loved ones off to Paris or have dinner at a posh hotel, but we can still fit in time to spend with our loved ones. Check out these ideas and find some inspiration for a much-needed time out.

1. Take the Morning off Work
You might relax together as a family on weekends, but every now and then it’s worth squeezing in half a day when it’s just you and your partner. Take the kids to school, then head for a favorite café or go for a walk together.

2. Plant a Tree
Treat yourselves to a new garden shrub or even a small tree. Go to the garden center and choose it together, then spend time planting it together. It’s a simple way to celebrate your relationship and as it grows you both will continue to enjoy it.

3. Go on a “Mystery Trail” Date
Arrange a babysitter for two different nights, and then you both have to come up with a surprise date for one another. Whether this is planning a picnic date at the place where you both met or sitting at local park and enjoying the scenery — you’d be amazed how the small details can make a difference.


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4. Enjoy the Season — Any of Them
Seasonal adventures let you two do special things you can only do at certain times of the year. In the summer, visit a drive-in (if you’re lucky enough to live near one), in the fall, find a local orchard and spend a day in the countryside. In the winter, go for a movie marathon. Stay cozy indoors doing anything — even if it’s just having a romantic dinner.

5. Get Outdoors
There’s nothing more liberating than being under a starry sky. No walls, no papers, cellphone service or bedtimes. While finding a babysitter for an overnight camping trip could be tough to do on short notice, taking a day trip is great for the soul.

The backcountry lets you focus on your spouse. Who knows — maybe you’ll learn something about one another you never knew before!

Do you have any go-to romantic date nights that don’t drain the back account? Let us know what it is in the comments section below.

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