Shaving 101: How Any Man Can Get the Best Shave Ever

Shaving 101: How Any Man Can Get the Best Shave Ever

Give him the gift of knowledge of how to get the closest shave ever with these tips.

Shaving is something most of us learned to do at a young age. Whether you got your own lesson from a parent or took the learn-as-you-go approach it has become somewhat of a habit in all of our lives. For both men and women, it’s a ritual that starts, plays out and ends the same (almost) every time.

Regardless of how close, how quick or how convenient it is, the way men shave is something that very rarely changes. Like how you probably shower the same way every day (unless you’re in a hurry), the routine and ability to rely on muscle memory is relaxing and therapeutic.

But sometimes, even the most experienced of us need a little refresher. So whether you are giving your son his first how-to lesson or helping your husband get an extra-close shave, check out some of these tips to help any man get the best shave, ever.

Be Prepared
More than just an honest motto, preparing skin for the stresses of shaving is important: It helps the hair stand up, resulting in a closer shave.


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Preparation is everything. Anyone can pull a razor down their cheek with moderately good results, but if he wants to be as smooth as possible, it’s important to prime the skin and the hair properly.

What He Needs
As a general “starting” list, a guy who prefers the clean-cut look needs: A pre-shave formula, good shaving cream, a sturdy and sharp razor (The number of blades generally denote the closeness of the shave — the higher, the closer.), and some patience.

Shaving is somewhat of a craft that men will need to work on. It’s all about knowing the contours of his face well enough that he can intuitively angle the razor with precision. Knowing “the grain” of his face would be far more valuable than having a 10-blade razor he has no idea how to use.

Take the Time
Everyone is busy. With so much going on in our lives, it’s hard to really take the time to do anything, but it’s important to stress to any man to take their time when shaving. You can avoid missing spots or worse, cutting your skin, when you slow down and really think about what you are doing. Better yet, ask the men in your life to take the time and watch this helpful video. With these tips and even more advice in the video, they will be well on their way to getting a super close, smooth shave.

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