Start Your Own Movie Club

Start Your Own Movie Club

A movie club is fun, easy to organize and a great way to spend time with family.

Book and sewing clubs are popular ways to have fun without spending too much money these days, but you can also make more of a night in with a great flick. A movie club is a perfect tradition to start, too — there are movies made for most any age, and you can keep the club going for years. Gather your family and some friends together for a night in that’s just as entertaining — and more comfy — than a trip to the movie theater.

Starting a Club
From among your friends, list out who has the largest collection of movies or access to a media subscription service. Once you get it all sorted out, you have the beginnings of your club!

As you would with a book club, discuss who is going to pick the next movie, then that friend gets to host the evening, perhaps even doing a bit of research to set the scene — finding out more about the story if it’s based on true events, for example, or getting small party favors, props or even movie-specific finger foods.

Involve the Kids
At times of the year when the weather keeps everyone inside, why not set up a Saturday morning movie club for the children and their friends? Get the kids to make tickets to give to everyone and pop a batch of popcorn to truly get the theater feeling going.


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Home Parties
Invite friends and ask everyone to bring a snack or a drink that’s inspired by the movie you’re going to watch. Play games based on stealth or hiding if you’re watching a spy movie or even have the kids act out their favorite parts of the movie to hone their acting chops.

Remember the movies that you loved as a kid, as they’re most likely classics your children will grow to adore, too!

Finally, keep movie ideas varied to appeal to everyone’s tastes and maybe every now and then just have a “classic movie scenes” night during which you all get to play a little of your favorite movies, so it’s fun for everyone — think of it as a “best of” the movie club. It’s sure to get everyone talking!

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