Summer at My Rhythm Visiting Sunset Ranch

Summer at My Rhythm Visiting Sunset Ranch

Daily Baez Enjoys Summer at Your Rhythm in Los Angeles.

Have fun! It’s summer time, and time to live summer at your rhythm. Summer is the time to express yourself and do things the way you would like at your own rhythm. Go outside, enjoy the sun, and even have a nice piña colada. Whatever fits your summer needs and wants, do it and enjoy yourself or give yourself a little "you" time.

Orgullosa knows that the most important person in your life should be you. For that reason they want to motivate you to live summer at you rhythm with the new campaign #RitmoOrgullosa. I liked the idea and was ready to be a correspondent and show you my new favorite place in LA where I can have fun and bring back memories from my home country - Dominican Republic. Here is my summer adventure at Sunset Ranch at my rhythm. Or should I say at my gallop?

First things first, it’s summer! Let's face it, "we need extra protection.” Having that covered with Secret Outlast, I remained fearless and fresh with a 48-hour deodorant protection, which I adore because it’s like packing two days of activity into one protection. With that, I was ready to start my #RitmoOrgullosa adventure.


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I went to Sunset Ranch in the heart of Hollywood for a 4-plus hour excursion that takes you up and over the mountains on a round trip expedition covering over seven miles of trails through Griffith Park.

This brought back many memories of when I was a child and my grandma made me go everywhere by horse when I was visiting her. Certainly I was out of shape and the fear kicked in, but I conquered it and I am happy and ready for my next adventure. Now I want to know how you enjoy summer at your rhythm. Check out these ideas for your city, and show us how you enjoy your summer at your rhythm!

Daily is a native Dominican mom living in L.A., far from home but having a lot of fun exploring her new city as an entrepreneur and freelancer on

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