Surprise la reina of the house

Surprise la reina of the house

Mother's Day is coming so here are some tips for how to celebrate it, and ideas for what to get mamá!

By: Veronique D.

Each family is unique and has its own way of celebrating Mother's Day. Our Latina culture is traditionally very rooted in the figure of the mother. For this reason we celebrate this special day with a lot of happiness. Mother's Day is the ideal occasion to reinforce ties that unite Latina mothers with their children and acknowledge what they mean to our families.

So over the years I've always tried to make sure there are surprises for all, remembering that the heart of what is celebrated is still a mother's love. Maybe you'll like some of these fantastic ideas to celebrate and gift to your mamá on her day. Take note!

1. Special breakfast for mamá. A tray with her favorite breakfast and fresh flowers will make her smile from the moment she wakes up. You can include a pretty colored napkin and a little note with a loving message. Huevos rancheros or arepas will taste even more delicious if the kids help cook them in the morning. And how lovely it would be to make a crown of flowers for her so she can begin the day feeling like a real queen.

2. Her favorite family activity. Does your mother like to swim or spend time outdoors? Choose something you know she'd like to do and organize a day of activities with an agenda full of things that make her happy.

3. Connect her with distant family. Organize an hour on her day that you can make a virtual call, with video, so she can catch up with faraway loved ones she might be missing. If you surprise her with this "visit," it'll touch her for sure.

4. Gifts of love. Give her a coupon for a spa day! Or tickets for a movie or play she's been wanting to see! She'll feel super special (and heard), especially if this gift gives her the excuse to dedicate a little much-deserved time to herself.

A greeting card is a nice thought which serves as a treasured reminder of her special day, something she can go back and look at whenever she wishes. So a great idea is to invite children to make greeting cards for their grandmothers and aunts as well. Encourage them to write the adjectives that describe her best, and let their imaginations run wild with creativity as they decorate the card.

Does she like to read? How about a book by her favorite author? Find one that is respected in Latin American literature so she can connect with the culture she's so proud to be part of.

5. Dinner for mamá. Above all things, to Latinos, Mother's Day is about the family and its queen: the mother. So, on this wonderful day cook a traditional dish for her from her country.

When you already have the menu figured out, you could take her out all day until late afternoon rolls around. Tell her to relax and she can take a nice bath; meanwhile, prepare a family meal with all the dishes she likes and gather around the table all of the people she loves. As other mothers (aunts and grandmothers) will be invited, make sure there are gifts and cards for them, too.

How do you celebrate Mother's Day at your house?


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