Terrific Trick-or-treating: 7 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Terrific Trick-or-treating: 7 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Keep trick-or-treating sweet with these 7 safety tips and get everyone home safe.

By: Lexi Walters Wright

Along with sweet treats and spooky disguises, trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition. Here’s how to keep it safe for your kids.

1. Wear Smart Costumes
Whether you buy or make your child’s Halloween get-up, be sure it’s easy for him to move in, see out of, and be seen in.

  • Opt for costumes and footwear your child won’t trip over
  • Use face paint instead of masks, which can slip and cover your child’s eyes
  • On store-bought outfits and accessories, look for labels indicating they’re flame-resistant
  • If your child has to have an accessory, make sure it’s short, soft and flexible — a fall on it can prove dangerous
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags if they don’t have them already

2. Go in Groups
Younger kids need a grown-up to accompany them, no matter how well they know the neighborhood.

3. Chart the Course
If your tweens and teens want to trick-or-treat without a parent, agree on a route that they’ll take and a time they’ll be home. Make sure their cell phones are on and charged during the outing.

4. Light the Night
Give each child a flashlight to hold or light-up necklace to wear. Stick to areas lit with streetlights.

5. Securely Navigate Neighborhoods
To avoid the possibility of accidents or injuries, make sure trick-or-treaters:


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  • Stick to walking on sidewalks where available
  • Cross only at crosswalks, never between cars
  • Avoid crossing lawns, where a birdbath or clothesline can be a hazard
  • Walk, don’t run, so cars can see them
  • Keep electronics (and headphones) off while they’re walking near the road
  • Only knock/ring doorbells at houses with their lights on (preferably people you know)
  • Stay alert

6. Remember Safety Basics
Keep a first-aid kit stocked at home in case of emergencies.

7. Snack Wisely
Require kids to let you examine their candy loot for any signs of tampering before they eat any and try your best to make sure they don’t eat all the candy in one sitting!

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