The Best Mother’s Day Ever

The Best Mother’s Day Ever

A single mom is pleasantly surprised — and reminded of what really matters.

By: Megan Hook

Mother’s Day has certainly changed for me as a single mom. The idea of receiving gifts from a partner — no matter how last minute or inapplicable — is a thing of the past. Of the many things that have changed in my life with divorce, holidays are some of the hardest adjustments.

But, just as I had resigned myself to Mother’s Day being a take-what-you-can-get sort of moment among many as a single mom, my boys surprised me as they frequently do. I woke up to my second post-divorce Mother’s Day to a level of excitement from my kids I had only seen on Christmas mornings. “We have gifts for you! Hurry!” they shrieked. I was confused. What? Gifts for me? But how? Tugging at my hands and pulling off the sheets, they were jumping and giggling and grinning — so excited to show me what they were up to.

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I’ll admit I was a little scared to see what they had done. Repainted the living room? Burned down the kitchen trying to make breakfast? Where were the matches? Who knew?

Yet there were no catastrophes to be found. Instead, there on my kitchen counter sat clumsily wrapped shoeboxes containing painted rocks adorned with the handwritten phrase “I love you,” colorful hearts fashioned out of craft clay and a picture made of glitter glue spelling out “Mom.” They had made me Mother’s Day gifts “so you have something to open!”


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I cried. I stood there and I cried.

“Do you love it?” They were jumping and yelling and so proud. I could only nod and hug them. I was so incredibly moved by the thoughtfulness of my little boys.

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Later that night, long after the boys had passed out in their bunk beds in the weird positions only kids can sleep in, I stood at the counter marveling over my Mother’s Day bounty. I am so incredibly lucky. Sometimes I forget this in the more difficult moments. I could not have hand picked better gifts. And the piles of painted rocks, clay hearts and glitter glue art aren’t bad either.

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