The Magical Relationship Between Siblings

The Magical Relationship Between Siblings

One mom finds inspiration in the special relationship between her daughters.

By: Casey Mullins

It’s hard to put into words the relationship my girls have with each other. They are the poster children for sisterhood and seeing them together is the greatest part of motherhood for me. I have always loved and adored my children separately, but when they are together, they become an entirely different force -- like peanut butter and chocolate, or sunshine and rainbows. The games they come up with and the unconditional love in action they have for one another astounds me daily.

From the moment my second child, Vivi, was old enough to recognize her big sister, Addie, her eyes and heart have followed her wherever she may go. No one can make Vivi laugh like Addie can, and no one in the entire world has more patience with Vivi than Addie does. To Vivi, Addie has always been the loud, funny one who loves to play and sing while Vivi has always been a real live doll and live-in best friend for Addie, willing to indulge in whatever imaginative game she may come up with.

Now that school is back in session, Vivi and I wander down to the bus stop most afternoons and I watch her take off running towards the bus as soon as it stops to let her sister off. They both throw their arms wide open and scream each other’s names until they are locked in a swirling hug. There are a lot of things I’m unsure of when it comes to this parenting gig, but when I see the two of them together I know I must be doing something right.

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It’s easy to focus on how lucky I am to have Addie around to help with Vivi, but it’s when I witness them in everyday situations utilizing the social skills they have learned from being sisters that my heart really begins to swell. Addie will go out of her way to help younger children in little ways, like having them sit on her lap to go down a particularly large slide. In fact, there are times I’m certain Addie is better with children than I am. The relationship is reciprocal, of course. Addie has helped Vivi use her imagination in wild and crazy ways and has also taught her valuable life skills that are sometimes overlooked by busy adults -- like how to build a fort or tie a blanket around her shoulders to make a cape.

Because I didn’t grow up around many children, I never considered the sibling aspect of parenthood very important. So many of my worries revolved around,Can I ever love someone else as much as I love my first child? But in the end, the question is actually Will I ever be lucky enough to be loved as much as my two girls love each other?

What amazing things have you witnessed between your own children?

Casey Mullins is a writer, photographer, and nice person living in the Midwest with her two little girls, one big husband and two cats. She writes regularly on her own blog moosh in indy about motherhood, life, and all the stuff that happens in between.

Image via Casey Mullins

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