The Most Romantic Thing He’s Ever Done

The Most Romantic Thing He’s Ever Done

Moms share their husband's most romantic gestures of love on Valentine’s.

By: Jenna Birch

Nina and Roesner
Where: Loveland, Ohio

Kids' Ages: Teenagers

"I run a nonprofit and teach classes at night, and I was feeling a little discouraged about how things were going with our organization. I was considering quitting. My husband had been part of these discussions with me and in an effort to encourage me, he romantically hijacked one of my classes one night and gave a short presentation on how much he loved me and how wonderful he thought I was. He brought me to the front of the classroom, and began by saying, 'Nina always encourages other people, but few take the time to encourage her. I wanted to let her know publicly just how special she is.' He gave me a charm bracelet, and went through each charm and what they represented. There were about 100 people in the class, and they all went nuts cheering and cried. I cried. It was awesome.”

Jen and Doug
Where: Sebastopol, Calif.

Kid's Age: 5

“I accidentally threw my wallet out in a to-go bag in an office building. The next day, I had to fly out in the morning and needed my ID. My husband called agency after agency to track down where the trash from that office building had gone. It ended up in a city landfill, where he gallantly dug through the giant, nasty trash pile and found the to-go bag, my wallet and my ID. I can’t imagine anything more romantic than a man willing—even offering—to dig through trash to take care of his lady.”

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Karri-Leigh and Joe
Where: Los Angeles, Calif.

Kids' Ages: 4, 6


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“My husband and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary last year, and like any father of young children, he was dying to get me away from home for a night. But, knowing me as well as he does, he knew that taking me out of town immediately after work on a Friday would ruin my weekend with anxiety over 'abandoning' my kids. Instead, he booked us the perfect stay-cation. We spent Friday night as a family, in a beautiful hotel suite, of the same chain in which we spent our wedding night. Room service breakfast on Saturday was a HUGE treat for my kids, after which we dropped them off [with a sitter], and enjoyed a beautiful concert, dinner and romantic night to ourselves.”

Christine and Frank
Where: Long Island, N.Y.

Kids' Ages: Three teens

“When I was undergoing surgery to remove breast cancer from my left breast, my husband participated in a feng shui ritual. I purchased an 18-inch red string, and nine days prior to my surgery I cut it in half. One half stayed with me, and the other half went to Frank. We each kept the ribbon on us for all nine days prior to surgery. On the day of my surgery, Frank had his piece in his pocket and mine was tied to my hospital bracelet. The premise behind this ritual was that it encouraged good fortune in health for someone with an illness. The cutting of the string represented our ability to be connected even when we were apart.”

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Nedua and Torsten
Where: Cornwall, England

Kids' Ages: 5, 2

“When our two boys were 4 and 1, and at a time when I felt very stressed about future plans of returning to work, Torsten surprised me with a ‘Me Day.’ He had bought me my favorite magazine, and then he and the boys dropped me off at a café so I could relax there on the big sofas, read undisturbed for a whole hour—that does not often happen—and it was utter bliss. However, an even bigger surprise came when I got home again: My husband, with the help of the boys, had made a cake for us to share.”

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