Tips for Making the Most of Your Days Indoors

Tips for Making the Most of Your Days Indoors

Keep cabin fever away with fun activities for the whole family.

Winter weather is coming and that means spending a lot of days inside, sheltered from the cold. This can be nice at first – family time by the fire, sipping apple cider and enjoying the warmth – but how do you avoid the restlessness and boredom that can come with too much time indoors?

We’ve all been there: everyone in the house has cabin fever and you’re fresh out of ideas. Here are a few tips to mix up your indoor go-tos and get the blood pumping – and keep everyone from being glued to the couch (or screens).

Cooking with little ones is both fun and educational. Something sweet and baked is always a good kid-friendly activity. Have your children help pour and measure out ingredients for brownies or a cake. Alternatively, start at the beginning and have them help plan, prepare and cook a family-wide feast for that evening!

Check out some other ideas for getting kids involved in the kitchen with our Kids in the Kitchen article.

Get Crafty
A cold day with crummy weather is a great time to sharpen those creative chops. Organize an arts and crafts activity, complete with construction paper, scissors (the safe kind), glue sticks and crayons. Make illustrations, paper snowflakes or dioramas – get crafty!

Do your kids dig origami? Get them folding up “fortune tellers” and other fun animals. Decorate and play!

Make Musical Instruments
Create a collection of DIY musical instruments – like drums, rain sticks, and guitars – out of household items like empty Puffs tissue boxes, Charmin toilet paper rolls and boxes. Grab some markers, washi tape, and colored rubber bands to create and customize each instrument.


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For more toilet paper roll crafts, check out Fun Toilet Paper Roll Art.

Game Away
Games and puzzles can be a great way to engage your children in a fun activity that will make them think. Classic board games are great, but make sure to pick something kid-friendly. Or consider working together on an all-day jigsaw puzzle.

You can also game on a much bigger scale by planning out a treasure hunt or a series of riddles to work together to solve. Hide-and-seek is another tried-and-true winner.

Play Make-believe
Perhaps one of the best activities for developing minds is imaginative play. Playing make-believe indoors might seem limiting, but turn the house into a movie set, or challenge the little ones to build the biggest and best pillow-and-blanket fort the world has ever seen. With bed sheets, blankets, clothespins and pillows, the kids can build for hours. (You may have fun, too).

Movie Magic
Sometimes the most satisfying way to spend a day indoors is curled up on the couch together with a big bowl of popcorn and a good movie.

You could spend all day watching cartoon movies, or comedy movies. Or, make a themed party out of it. Consider watching your favorite movie with themed refreshments.

Pretend it’s Summer
When all else fails and the kiddos are longing for the days of summer, just go for it. Throw an indoor summer party. Turn up the heat (but just for a little bit), make some lemonade and wear swimsuits for some pretend summer fun.

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