Which Latin Dance is Perfect for You?

Which Latin Dance is Perfect for You?

Take this quiz to find out which Latin dance fits you and your lifestyle!

By: Erin R.

Slow and sensual? Or fun-loving and energetic? Timelessly chic or always on-trend? The way you live your life (and especially your love life) can also be the path to your new favorite dance. Take our quiz and find out what kind of Latin dance style fits you:

1. What’s your typical dance floor style?

A. I love slow, suggestive rhythms that focus on sensual moves.
B. The only thing I love more than dance is a good challenge. Bring on the complex steps!
C. Get me moving, make me sweaty. I have lots of energy!
D. I can dance with a partner or by myself. Just let me dance!
E. I stay on trend. Show me something new!

2. Let’s talk dream vacations. Where would you go?

A. Somewhere with cobblestone streets, chic sidewalk cafés and restaurants where dinner reservations start at 9 p.m.
B. A historic city with Spanish colonial charm, where I can snorkel by day and hit the town by night.
C. An all-inclusive resort on a white-sand beach, where I can lounge in the sun all day.
D. Somewhere I can see and do it all — like visit a secluded rainforest one day, then do some high-end urban shopping the next.
E. A small but cultured city with plenty of old world influence, interesting museums, and sophisticated restaurants. But make sure there are beaches nearby!

3. How do you dress for a night out on the town? (Men: How does your partner dress?)

A. Dramatically. Black dress, red lips.
B. Give me a short skirt with flow and I’m happy.
C. Three words: Teeny Tiny Dress.
D. It’s all about the bling! I love sequins, feathers, and all that jazz.
E. Make it tight and make it short. In a bright color.

4. How’s your love life?

A. We’re very in sync. I’m yin to my partner’s yang.
B. It’s complicated.
C. We’re happy. It’s all about give and take.
D. We love to laugh and have fun together.
E. Our love is a soap opera. (The dramatic kind from Venezuela or Mexico!)


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5. When you come home from the club, you:

A. Are feeling very romantic.
B. Feel as accomplished as if you’d just won the Mirror Ball trophy.
C. Are invigorated! Why does the club close so early?
D. Can’t wait to party again tomorrow.
E. Feel sexy. And maybe a little moody.

6. What’s your favorite way to refuel after a long night of dancing?

A. Give me a big, juicy steak!
B. Rice with anything – beans, chicken, pork. Just make sure it has rice!
C. There’s nothing better than fried plantain chips.
D. Old-fashioned stew, preferably with beans, sausage and pork.
E. One helping of rice pudding, please!


Mostly A’s: You are the Argentine Tango
Like the Argentine tango, you are sensual and always in sync with your partner. You prefer the chic to the hip, and have an old world style that is timeless.

Mostly B’s: You are the Salsa
The salsa is a complex dance of complicated steps — the perfect complement to your multifaceted personality. You love a challenge with a side of sexy.

Mostly C’s: You are the Merengue
You are energetic and lively, just like the up-tempo merengue. You believe life is to be lived, and you don’t mind shaking it (and shaking it up) whenever the mood strikes.

Mostly D’s: You are the Brazilian Samba
Like the Brazilian samba, you are fun-loving and independent, ready and willing dance to the beat of your own drum — with or without a partner!

Mostly E’s: You are the Bachata
Unafraid of emotion and eager to love, you are the bachata: a sexy and dramatic dance that mirrors the ups and downs, victories and heartaches of love.

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