Create a Perfect Family Photo for the Holidays

Capture merry and memorable holiday moments with these 5 visual tips.

The annual family holiday picture is a time-honored tradition and a perfect way to keep a record of your children as they grow up. But year after year, the classic posed photo starts to look repetitive and lackluster. This year, buck tradition and opt for a more creative approach with one of these five tips.

1. A Special Holiday Twist
How often have we seen the same photo of a smiling family sitting on the sofa next to the tree? Transform this standard portrait into something meaningful and personal by adding a timely touch to indicate when the photo was taken:

  • Honor a milestone or special event that happened during the year, like an anniversary or graduation
  • Find inspiration from a favorite book, movie or painting
  • Wear something seasonal like ugly holiday sweaters or color coordinate your clothes (Make sure they’re looking and smelling great with Gain)
  • Ask your kids to choose a theme that reveals something about your family life

Try converting your photo into a cartoon, drawing or billboard with free online downloads. Best of all, these photos capture the emotions the family shares: the excitement, surprise and warmth of the season.

2. Before and After the Holidays
The holidays are filled with many great moments and festivities. Capture these by taking a series of photos during family activities:

  • Baking cookies and cooking a feast
  • Decorating the house and the tree
  • Singing carols
  • Enjoying the big holiday dinner and granny’s special dessert
  • Opening gifts and playing with toys (to contrast with pretty wrapped gifts under the tree)
  • A tradition unique to your family

Use the “burst mode” or continuous shooting mode to get a series of photos that are candid and show fun in motion.

3. Lights, Camera …
Make sure you and your family look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the day of your pictures. Your kids will love brushing with Kids’ Crest Sparkle Fun Toothpaste and you can prep too with Crest 3D White – everyone’s smiles will be shining as bright as the season.

4. Action!
Choose a different angle or pose to keep everyone looking happy and bright:

  • From above (stand on a chair or ladder) so everyone is looking up
  • Holding hands and jumping with joy
  • Arm-in-arm or cuddled together in your pajamas
  • Outdoors in the snow, in front of your door or house decorations

5. Photo Albums
A holiday album is a wonderful way to remember the occasion as well as a great sentimental gift for out-of-town relatives:

  • Celebrate baby’s first holiday
  • Show images of holiday guests and parties
  • Holiday meal recipes – from baking to savoring these treasured dishes
  • Include images from the rest of the year, too
  • Bring your family pet into the portrait

Create a collage of images and place in a frame as a present. Don’t forget to include close-ups for variety. Write captions to identify people and places, along with a fun comment.

For more tips on capturing brilliant family photos – even with your smartphone – check out “DIY Family Photos.”


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