Creative Ideas for Displaying Kids’ Artwork

Check out these helpful ideas for creatively displaying and preserving your child’s artwork.

1. Create a bathroom gallery. Why not designate an entire main-floor bathroom to your child’s hard work? Hanging art takes up less space while adding color and pizzazz for guests to admire. Use matching frames for a uniform look or just hang in symmetrical rows with removable tape. Be sure to place some at your child’s eye level.

2. Make a scrapbook. This is a simple way to store a lot of artwork in a relatively small space, and it can easily be put on display. Let your child decorate the cover of the album. Use his or her name prominently on the cover. Place it on the coffee table in the family room so your child can show it to guests.

3. Create a quilt. Since digital cameras are all the rage, it’s easy to photograph your child’s artwork and save it on your computer. And it’s a great way to preserve it. Print his or her artwork on fabric and sew it into a quilt. Your child can use it for years!

4. Hang it on a clothesline. String a clothesline through your child’s bedroom and clip his or her artwork to it for your child’s own personal art gallery! It’s easy. Place two removable hooks on the walls across the room from each other, string a clothesline rope between them and clip the artwork to it with clothespins. Try suction-cup hooks on windows for another approach. Your child will feel good about his or her work and will be proud to show it off.

5. Make placemats. For an easy preservation, try laminating your child’s artwork for use as an easy-cleanup placemat. Many copy shops offer laminating while you wait. It’s a surefire way to preserve it and celebrate it. Plus, you can admire it all through dinner!

6. Create a calendar. Here’s a way to use twelve pieces of artwork in one creation. Let one piece of artwork serve as each month of the year. Simply scan your child’s artwork and then upload it to an online photo service, such as Snapfish or Shutterfly®. You can print your calendar right from there. Best of all, it’s a great gift. Grandparents will love seeing their grandchild’s artwork. Your child will also be proud to display the calendar throughout the year. 


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