Meet Bechibila, Who Shows us How a Personal Mission Can Help Overcome Anything

Watch how Bechibila Mpuanmor educates her community about the importance of clean water.

By: Ryan Puno

Growing up, Bechibila was worried about how she could help others.

She knew she wanted to make a difference; she just didn't know how. And that's OK. It takes time to figure out your calling. But in time, she realized what she was meant to do: help tackle the urgent clean water problem plaguing her community.

Their only sources of drinking water are nearby rivers, which are always dirty. When they drink it, they get sick. But, it's also their only option, so the problem seemed insurmountable.

Still, Bechibila was ready to tackle it head on. 'No matter what situation you find yourself in,' she says. 'You can always turn things around.'

Watch her story above to see how she is helping others.

P&G partners with organizations around the world to help provide clean water to children and families who need it. Since 2004, the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has shared more than 11 billion liters of clean water.


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