Organize a Bike Parade in 5 Simple Steps

Create a special day for the biking tykes in your neighborhood with our 5 easy steps.

Bike parades are a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate summer — with activities for all ages and a relaxing atmosphere for adults to socialize. Events like these are a sure way to help build connections within your neighborhood. Plan the perfect parade for all the young bikers on your street with our five simple tips.

1. Create Fliers
Printed fliers are a simple and easy way to spread the word and make sure no one in the neighborhood gets left out. Place them on mailboxes and various light poles throughout the street.

Fliers should include the set time and location of the parade, and a request for what families should bring. For example, ask if one side of the street can bring snacks and the other side bring drinks. Don’t forget to tell them to pack a blanket or folding chair so they can sit and enjoy the show.

2. Make a Bike Prep Shop
On the day before the parade, or the morning prior, have the kids decorate their bikes in your garage or backyard. That way, the kids will enjoy a big reveal when they get to finally show off their newly upgraded wheels.

Offer them a variety of decorations, from streamers to pinwheels. Balloons can be tied to handlebars and baseball or playing cards can be clipped to the bike spokes. Just give the little ones a chance to use their imaginations.

3. Offer Prizes
The kids will probably be happy to parade just for fun, but it's also nice to hand out prizes for participating. Pencils, rubber balls, sticker sheets, barrettes, small cars and other inexpensive toys are all fun gifts that won't cost too much. If you want to offer candy, just make sure all the other parents are on board and be sure to ask about any food allergies.

4. Have Age-appropriate Games
If you wish to extend the party a bit and make it an all-day hangout, plan some fun games for the kids. A jump rope contest, water balloon toss and three-legged races are all fun games they will enjoy. You can also supply some inexpensive play balls, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk and watch the kids create their own fun.

5. Prep for Cleanup
Usually the host ends up with cleanup, but make it easy for everyone to lend a helping hand by setting up garbage cans for easy litter disposal.

Following our simple steps will ensure a bike parade the whole neighborhood will enjoy. Now sit back, relax and enjoy watching the tykes ride by!

Have you had success with neighborhood events for both the kids and adults alike? Share your tips with us in the comments below.



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