Sharing the Power of Clean Water

Learn how lives are transformed by making dirty drinking water clean.

You may not realize it, but some of the cleaning expertise behind Tide has been applied to purify drinking water. The result is a small packet that transforms dirty water into clean drinking water. P&G invented this technology more than ten years ago, and in 2004, the company created the non-profit Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program. Through more than 150 partners, P&G has provided more than 9 billion liters of clean drinking water to people in developing countries using the P&G packets, and the goal is to deliver 15 billion liters by 2020.

The technology is simple to use: with only a bucket, a spoon, a cloth and a small P&G packet, a person can purify 10 liters of dirty water in 30 minutes.

When children and families have access to clean water, their lives are transformed. Health is improved because kids no longer get viruses and infections from drinking dirty water, so they can grow healthy and strong. When kids are healthy, they can attend school regularly to advance their education, and parents can go to work to earn an income for their families. The power of clean water is truly life changing.

If you have supported P&G brands in the past ten years, then you’ve been a part of this life-changing program.




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