The Secret of a Great Laundry Process? Plan Everything and Choose Quality

Here are a few tips from an experienced mom.

I rely on my own mom’s knowledge – and countless tips and tricks gathered from the Internet – to get through every wash without hassle. It couldn’t be simpler, either – I just break it down into three phases: preparation, washing and follow-up.


Have a Washing Calendar.
I can plan when all the big things need washing – curtains, sheets and seasonal items. Bed sheets in particular get planned for at least once every two weeks – you don’t want to be sleeping in dirty sheets. Having a calendar helps me keep up to date.

Sort Out the Sorting.
I use a laundry basket with four sections so I can sort whites, dark colors, light colors and delicates right when the clothes are taken off. It really saves time when I do the laundry.

Check All Pockets.
Washing money, paper and tissue isn’t going to make for a good look come the end of the wash. White stuff, everywhere! So make sure to remove it all beforehand.

Always Check the Label.
Pin up a chart of the washing symbols so you know what each one means. I check each label and wash on the setting the care label recommends.

Pre-treat Tough Stains.
I just use some liquid detergent on those really tough stains before putting them in with the rest of the wash.

The Wash:

Don’t do Half Loads – Ever.
Wait until you gather a full load of garments to keep from wasting water and energy.

Never Let Washed Clothes Sit in the Machine.
Colors might bleed and the wash load might lose its crispy fresh scent, so it’s best to get them in the dryer right away.

After the wash:

Dry the clothes in the sun as often as possible.
Cleaning out the drawers with soap if necessary.

Most important, though, is to find the right detergent. Tide gives me tough stain removal in one wash, which enhances my laundry routine, and gives me more time for other things.


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