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We’ve partnered with LinkedIn to help you start adulting #LikeAPro … and couponing like a mom.
Signing up for a website can be daunting. “What am I getting myself into?” you may be wondering. Well, wonder no more. We’re going to tell you what P&G everyday is about and how you can use our site #LikeAPro.

1. Get Our Coupons and Use Them
Real talk: The money-saving habits you start now can save you a ridiculous amount throughout your life.

We are all about giving you good deals, but here’s the secret: We give our best deals to the people we know will use them. If we can give $5 off to only a certain number of people, we prioritize the super-users. So start clipping and redeeming those deals, and more will pour in!

2. Check out the Articles That Really Interest You
This site is full of articles! Some folks are super into cooking, and others are more into career building (FYI … those articles come from experts at LinkedIn). When you log in and browse the site, we’ll remember what you love and give you more of it!

3. So Sign up Already!
You haven’t been adulting long, but we know you know how to fill out a registration form. We can’t wait to get to know you and hook you up with the deals and articles you want.

4. Start Browsing
We’ve created a place just for you. It has articles to read and coupons to clip, so why are you still here?

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