5 messy moments of motherhood that make it all worthwhile

Every mom knows that from the first moment her child opened those beautiful eyes, life would never be the same again. Not only have your priorities and schedule changed, but your home, too. Now, your washing machine is running 24 hours a day, the hall carpet has never recovered from that mud fight with the dog, and don’t even mention the works of art scribbled in permanent pen all the way up the stairs. But hidden in all the chaos and spilt drinks are some of the most unforgettable moments that make being a mum the best job in the world.

Toiletries training

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so how can you be angry when your children help themselves to your lipstick to look just like mummy? Or smother themselves (not to mention the walls, floor, and cat) in shaving foam because they want to be like daddy? Of course, scrubbing squashed cosmetics off the bedroom carpet isn't your idea of a fun Saturday night and you’d really rather they hadn’t put all the holiday sun cream in their hair, it's worth it for the photos you can now produce on their 18th birthday.


Whether falling off their scooter in the park, splashing in puddles without their rain boots or rampaging through the woods and coming home with hair like a bird’s nest, discovering the great outdoors is destined to be a muddy affair. But between traipsing dirt through the house and grass stains on jeans, cleaning up the muck means they get some fresh air in their lungs and a rosy red color in their cheeks. Plus, Tide Pods – with their superior power to lift stains while they brighten clothes – make it easy to clean up afterwards. And, of course, this exploring doesn’t stop when they’re little. Fast forward and that passion for nature translates to washing cross-country running kits and mending clothes that got torn in a rather precarious tree climb that you’d rather not know about.


Chefs in the making

Of course, it would be quicker to just make dinner and those cupcakes for the school bake sale by yourself, but where’s the fun in that? With your little sous chefs by your side, you get to show them how ingredients come together to make delicious meals, educate them about nutrition and fuel their creativity by letting them use their hands. Making dough, cutting out biscuits and getting to lick the spoon is all part of the experience (even if it does mean you’ll be cleaning up flour from around the kitchen for a month). And of course, there’s that nagging voice in your head that fussy eaters are more likely to try something if they’ve had a hand in making it themselves. The things we do to make them like eating vegetables.


Bath and splash time

There’s nothing children love more than splashing around in the tub. With bubble bath piled high, rubber ducks and plastic whales fighting it out with toy boats, and water just about everywhere, your bathroom often resembles a scene from a tidal wave disaster movie by the time everyone is ready for bed. But despite the fact your bathroom ceiling is now permanently damp, there’s nothing that melts your heart faster than the sight of your little ones laughing and splashing around in the bath. Whether using their imaginations to play by themselves or making bubble bath beards with you, it’s worth getting soaked through just to see them squeaky clean.


And the Nobel Prize goes to…

You look forward to parents’ evening so you can personally thank the teacher for that ‘build a volcano’ science project. Between the papier-mâché, poster paints and exploding soda, your living room looks like a glittery laboratory. But it doesn’t matter because all you can picture now is your little ones going off to college and making a great scientific discovery that could change the world. And when that happens, they’ll be grateful to the mom that let them explode two liters of cola all over the floor in the name of science.

No matter how messy things become, Tide is there to get things clean again in a snap. What messy memory makes you smile? Share your story in the comments below…


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