11 Things Moms Desperately Wish We Could Go Back to Childhood and Relive

Why didn’t we treasure these things more when we were younger?

By Jeanne Sager

Being a parent means reliving your own childhood in many ways. You get to play with the toys, read the books, and get an up-close-and-personal look at all the things you either hated or took for granted as a kid … which actually seem pretty darn fantastic when you’re an adult. Not sure what we’re talking about? Behold all the things moms wish they could go back to childhood and experience all over again.

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What were you thinking? Why didn’t you just lie down and sleep in the middle of the day when someone offered to let you zonk out? How many hours did you waste fighting the heavenly time you could have been having?

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Being Dressed By Someone Else
Think of all the extra time for naps we would have if someone would pick out our clothes and put them on us!

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Chilling in the Backseat
We’d even let our kid sister poke us if we could only lean back and enjoy the ride while someone else takes us through stop-and-go rush hour traffic in our own car.

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Lounging in a Bathtub
Did you know some people pay extra money for homes with soaking tubs just for the luxury of getting all prune-y? Someone, please tell the toddler.

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Having Dinner Prepared for Us
We will eat the broccoli, and we won’t complain so long as we’re not the ones who have to prepare the broccoli. (p.s. We’ll even allow it to touch the onions!).

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So the advent of adult coloring books has made this one possible, but imagine if we could whip them out in a restaurant – and be provided with free crayons – when we’re feeling hangry and impatient?

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Riding in the Front Seat of the Grocery Cart
You know what the best part of being the person who gets pushed around the grocery store is? That person is pretty much never asked to pay the bill.

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Jumping in Mud Puddles
Sure, we could do it now, but then we’d have to walk into work with muddy pants, and everyone would look at us funny.

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Sit in a Field of Bubbles
Like jumping in puddles, this is something we can do as adults (and moms often do it for their kids). But when was the last time you got relish this simple pleasure without the obligation of entertaining a kid at the same time? Imagine all those bubbles wafting in the wind just for you. (And preferably being blown by someone else.)

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Make a Mess and Walk Away
Sometimes you just want to throw the flour across the room or grab some mud and smear it on the shed door. Sure, you can, Mom, but who’s going to clean it up?

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