10 Bizarre Objects Kids Have Become Obsessed With

10 Bizarre Objects Kids Have Become Obsessed With

If your kids have developed deep attachments to weird things, you’re in good company.

By Leah Maxwell

Kids are wonderfully weird. They say weird things, they do weird things, and sooner or later (but usually sooner) they become obsessed with some truly weird objects -- or even some truly mundane objects that they’ve weirdly decided are endlessly fascinating. (Who knew there was so much to love about a root vegetable?) Here, 10 of the most bizarre things kids have become passionate about in ways that defy explanation.

1. “As a toddler, my son was obsessed with a drink koozie. It was leopard print with black feathers. He took it EVERYWHERE.” -- Krista R., San Francisco, California

2. “My son threw a FIT one night, because he wanted to take ‘my yellow’ to bed. He meant a yellow flyswatter. Guess how long that took to figure out.” -- Erin J., Memphis, Tennessee

3. “My toddler was attached to a mini baby lotion bottle, ‘Bah-Bah.’ I glued the lid on and guarded it with my life, because GOD FORBID you try to substitute one of the other 100 mini baby lotion bottles we had for beloved Bah-Bah.” -- Lisa G., Benton, Arkansas

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4. “My son was obsessed with one of those ball chain key ring things. He called it his ‘tiny baby snake’ and put it in a matchbox bed.” -- Tamara B., Los Angeles, California

5. “When my son was a baby, his favorite ‘toy’ was an adapter for transferring data from memory cards to my computer. He played with it, slept with it, and cried whenever I needed to use it for work.” -- Wendy C., El Cerrito, California

6. “Garage doors of all kinds. People in our neighborhood know of my son’s obsession, so they open and close their garages extra times for him when they see us. He sleeps with a play garage.” -- Elizabeth P., Chicago, Illinois

7. “My daughter carried around a potato for a week. (‘Is mah new fwend!’)” -- Sam C., Wheaton, Illinois


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8. “My son brought a red plastic party cup with him everywhere for a month.” -- Kate W., Denver, Colorado

9. “My older boy went through a spatula phase.” -- Shalini S., Seattle, Washington

10. “My son really loved my beauty blender makeup sponge. But that’s expensive, so I give him a bag of cheapo latex ones and say have at it.” -- Mona C., Seattle, Washington

What are your kids’ weird obsessions?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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My son has been obsessed with air conditioners, any and all kinds. He would escape the house, run to the neighbors house and just stand at their unit, staring at the blades. He would spend hours watching videos on YouTube watching people fix them, maintain them and most boring, run them.

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