10 Great Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Year

10 Great Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Year

Learn about a fun and easy family tradition to help keep memories forever.

By Wendy Robinson

A confession: I have failed miserably at the whole baby book thing. When my son was born almost seven years ago, I had very good intentions and an adorable empty book with lots of blank spaces in which to note important milestones. Fast forward seven years and I have two kids, two adorable but empty books, and no recollection of what my son’s first words were. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am just not the baby book type.

I would feel bad about this except for one thing: my interviews. Every year, on their birthday, I conduct an interview with my kids and ask them the same 10 questions. I plan to do this until they turn 18, and I think it will be a great way to remember what they were like at all the stages of their lives. I’m also hopeful it will get me in good with my future daughter- or son-in-laws, because who wouldn’t love that treasure trove of information about their spouse?

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Below are my 10 questions, but if you decide to adopt this tradition for your family, feel free to mix it up and ask whatever questions you think will be the most fun! Here are mine to get you started:

1. What are your favorites? Color, food, TV show, toy, and book

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

3. What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

4. What is your favorite thing about our family?

5. Where is your favorite place to go?

6. If you had $100, what would you buy?

7. What are you best at?


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8. Who is your best friend and what do you like to play with them?

9. What is your least favorite family rule?

10. What do you like best about yourself?

I find that it works best to ask these questions one on one with my kids and I usually record the interview on my phone, with the hopes of saving the video for future viewings as my kids get bigger. Sometimes I am even able to talk my older son into drawing a picture to go with one of the interview questions, which I also cherish and save.

Do you have any fun traditions beyond the baby book?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.wordpress.com

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