10 Kids Share Their Adorable (and Admirable!) Goals for the Year

10 Kids Share Their Adorable (and Admirable!) Goals for the Year

Need some inspiration for the year ahead? These kids have the right idea!

By Lorraine Allen

I’m not great at sticking to my own New Year’s resolutions, though I look forward to setting new goals and starting fresh each year. I think part of my issue is that my goals are not very exciting, interesting, or even fun, for the most part. They involve things like working and exercising. (Blah.) With all my failed resolutions in mind, I asked my first-grader recently what plans, if any, she has for the coming year. She had two friends over, and they chimed in too. I was so tickled and inspired by these kids that I asked a few more to share their goals. Here’s what they revealed:

1. “I’m going to build a time machine so I can live forever. And also everyone I bring with me in the machine, like the dog. And next year I want to gallop on a horse and not ever do homework again.” - Lina, 7

2. “I would like to save all my money and buy a box of doughnuts. Chocolate and sprinkles.” - Suzie, 5

3. “I want to go to the Galapagos. And maybe catch a big fish, but not there. ” - Ben, 9

4. “This year I want to get at least 10 gems in my dragon-growing app. If I get 10 gems or more, I can have a whole new island of dragons to raise and it’s going to be so cool. I’ll get a fire pit for them. And a fountain.” - Ali, 7

5. “I want to go to the zoo. I have to brush the goats. They are dirty.” - Sam, 3

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6. “To go jump in the bouncy castle because last year I was scared but it looks fun. I think I’m going to not be scared anymore next year. Because I’ll be big. Very big.” - Veronica, 5


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7. “I want to play the drums. I mean, I can play a bit, but I want to get really, really good. Like REALLY awesome. Next year.” - Leila, 12

8. “To get into a good high school. That’s hard though … Also, I want to play football if I can make the team.” - Eric, 15

9. “There’s this race we do in my family every summer when we visit my cousins and I want to win!” - Samir, 10

10. “I’m going to color part of my hair blue – just half. Like one braid. My mom said it was OK.” - Hailey, 6

What do your kids hope to accomplish in 2016?

Lorraine Allen is a writer and mom to one spunky first-grader and one squirrel-obsessed dog. You can follow their delicious, allergy-friendly cooking adventures at @FeedingLina.

Image ©iStock.com/gradyreese

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