10 Moms Confess the Laziest Holiday Gifts They’ve Ever Given

10 Moms Confess the Laziest Holiday Gifts They’ve Ever Given

Sometimes moms give gifts with careful thought and planning. Other times … they wing it.

By Amanda Genge

Every year, I face holiday shopping with a decent measure of trepidation. It’s hard to come up with eight gifts for each of my kids that a) they’ll actually love and/or use, b) don’t cost an arm and a leg, and c) can actually be wrapped (like no gift cards – my kids still prefer to have actual THINGS to open).

Last year, in a last-minute moment of genius mixed with shame, I bought my younger son a package of his favorite cookies for one of the gifts. I just could. not. think. of anything else to get him! “He’ll love them,” I reassured myself. “They’re his fave. He can share with us, and he loves sharing.” My inner voice kept on going. “He’s never gotten them as a gift before! What a novel idea!”

My 6-year-old was totally perplexed at first when he tore off the wrapping paper. But in the next second, he was gleeful! A WHOLE PACKAGE OF COOKIES, and they were ALL HIS! It might have been one of the best gifts ever, based on his reaction.

I was relieved, of course, but it made me wonder – did my fellow moms ever resort to such similarly lazy gifts? I took an informal poll and the results were incredibly reassuring: I was not alone!

“I took two small rocks from the neighbor’s yard (my son collects them) and said they were from our trip to Mexico – authentic Mexican rocks!!” – Lynn, mom of two, New Jersey

“My daughter wanted art supplies, so (among other ACTUAL art supplies) she's getting a sheaf of printer paper.” – Cassandra, mom of three, Kansas

“We told our kids that one gift they would receive is the ‘gift of giving’ and made them choose toys [of their own] to donate.” – Sharon, mom of two, New Jersey

“I needed to fill the stockings last year so I put undies and socks in them. The kids thought Santa had lost his mind. My daughter still says, ‘Remember Santa giving us panties and socks in our stocking? That was weird.’” – Donna, mom of two, Kentucky

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“My lazy gifts are things like erasers, pencils, and boxes of crayons (from my basement stash). Usually when I need to add gifts to make the numbers equal.” – Jamie, mom of four, Michigan

“I've upgraded my normal mandarin/satsuma in the toe of the stocking to a full-on huge navel orange to take up more space. And I add toaster pastries and a juice pouch also – that’s Christmas morning breakfast and over half the stocking done in one fell swoop!” – Tiffany, mom of two, Oregon

“A jar of olives. My daughter is addicted.” – Lori, mom of one, New York

“I have re-gifted gift cards given to me at work to my family.” – Laura, mom of one, Chicago

“My daughter’s birthday is in July, so for a few years we were able to put away some of her birthday presents and give them to her at the holidays.” – Rachel, mom of one, New Jersey

“Does not giving a gift count? She's too small to know or care.” – Michelle, mom of one, New York

What is the laziest gift you’ve ever given?

Amanda Genge is a New Jersey-based editor and mom (aka referee) of two boys. She’s a big fan of gift cards, especially those you can buy online and have emailed to the recipient at (literally) the very last minute.

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