10 Obsessions Only a Toddler Could Have

10 Obsessions Only a Toddler Could Have

No, your toddler isn’t the only one who needs to brush his teeth 14 times a day.

By Nicole Fabian-Weber

Toddlers are hilarious, adorable, and about as obsessive as a person can get. Show me a toddler who doesn't have his "particulars" -- the cup he has to drink out of, the shirt he needs to wear -- and I'll keel over from shock. While incredibly endearing, some toddler obsessions -- and yes, that's exactly what they are -- are downright weird.

We asked moms about the strange obsessions their toddlers have, and if you think you're the only parent with a little one whose day isn't complete if he doesn't brush his teeth 14 times, you're sorely mistaken. Here, 10 amazing toddler obsessions.

1. "My daughter was obsessed with doors being closed. If she heard me open a kitchen cabinet door, even if she was in her bedroom, she'd run out and watch me to make sure I closed it. She was 2 when she developed this, which has (thankfully) disappeared." -- Lisa F., mom of a boy and a girl

2. "My son loves to wash his hands, and I have to tell him to stop. He spends so much time in the bathroom sudsing up and water everywhere. The kid might have the cleanest hands in the world." -- Michele Z., mom of girl and boy twins

3. "My son wore a single glove for a LONG time, at home and out." -- Sheri R., mom of two boys

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4. "For a while there, my son was obsessed with collecting pieces of broken glass from the park. We'd pretend to be deep sea divers, exploring the ocean -- we would even dress up in black shirts and yoga pants." -- Adriana V., mom of a boy

5. "We have to count each one of my daughter's stuffed animals every night, and say goodnight to them each individually. It's cute, but there are about 20 in there!" -- Laura V., mom of a girl

6. "I have a rug that sheds, and my son is obsessed with picking up the pieces of fuzz and rubbing them on his face!" -- Erin S., mom of a boy

7. "My daughter went through a phase of wanting lights off all the time. Even in the evening, when I'd turn the lights on in the living room, she wanted them off so she could play in the dark -- until, of course, she became afraid of the dark." -- Ilene P., mom of two girls


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8. "Before we go downstairs in the morning, my daughter has to put on this pair of black shoes she wore with her Halloween costume." -- Courtney A., mom of a girl

9. "My son is obsessed with wearing this one hat, and it's straw! Not super practical for the winter!" -- Katie M., mom of a boy

10. "Whenever I take my one daughter to the grocery store, we HAVE to see the lobsters in the tank. And we have to make up names for them, describe what their 'houses' look like, and talk about what they eat. It changes every time!" -- Kelly T., mom of two girls

What obsessions does your toddler have?

Nicole Fabian-Weber is the mama of a hilarious, adventurous toddler girl and a baby boy who can’t stop laughing. She lives outside of NYC and writes for The Stir and numerous other online publications. Right now, she’s probably fantasizing about sleep.

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